Grades 1-6: Watch Out! Session 6 – It’s Not Going to Be Easy

Scripture: Matthew 26:17-30; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Step Forward

  • Place a masking tape line on the floor as a start line and another tape line across the room as the finish line.

Tell children to line up on the start line, facing forward. Tell children to follow the instructions if the statement applies to them. Give instructions: “If you are wearing yellow, take one step forward. If you have a sister, take two baby steps forward. If you like pizza, hop forward once. If you like broccoli, take two giant steps forward. If you have ridden on a train, take two hops forward.” Continue giving instructions until everyone crosses the finish line.

Comment that the kids did a good job following instructions. Say: “In the Bible we learn about living for Christ. Following Him is not always an easy thing to do.”

Live It Out – Hard Card Game

  • Gather large index cards and pencils.

Name tasks and lead the children to rate their difficulty by squatting low to the ground (to designate easy tasks) or stretching as tall as possible (to designate difficult tasks):

Taking a math test without cheating; Not arguing with your brother or sister; Obeying your mother the first time she tells you to do something; Doing your chores without being reminded.

Give out pencils and index cards. Tell children to print or draw a difficult act of obedience on each card. Lay the cards face-up on the table. Look at all the cards together and talk about them. Form two (or more) teams. Collect the cards, shuffle them, and slide one from the stack. Hand the stack to the first team; they can look through the cards and identify which card is missing. Give them 30 seconds and ask for their answer. If they identify it correctly award 100 points. Mix all the cards again, remove one, and give the cards to Team 2. Continue as time allows. Tell kids that sometimes following Jesus’ example is difficult but it is the right thing to do.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Top Ten Difficult Things

  • Make ten placards with one of these statements written on each: Singing a solo in front of your whole school; Running two miles; Climbing a mountain; Taking a science test; Skateboarding; Telling your parents you made an F on a paper; Memorizing 10 Bible verses; Saying you are sorry; Cleaning up someone else’s messy room; Standing up to a bully. Place the placards on the floor.

Read the tasks with the kids. Ask them to work together to put the tasks in the order of difficulty. Explain that the first one should be the most difficult one to do and so on down to the last one being the least difficult. After the assignment is complete ask the children why they put the placards in that order. Comment that some things are difficult to do and other things are not so difficult. Living for Christ can be difficult at times.

Live It Out – Minute Games

Use the Activity Page to recall and discuss the Bible study. Lead kids to find the Life Verse in their Bibles. Talk about what Jesus did on the cross and why we need to remember it.

Allow time for kids to participate in the minute games. You could have an adult keep time at each game or allow each participant to get ready and start/end the games at the same moment with one timer. After a while, call the group together. Note that the games may be challenging at times but there were no real consequences if kids succeeded or failed at the games. Tell kids that living for Christ can be difficult at times. Give them paper and scissors; they can make crosses (in ways they choose) to remember what Jesus did. Remind them that Jesus will help them when they encounter difficulties.


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