Grades 1-6: Watch Out! Session 4 – Speak Kindly to People

Scripture: Mark 10:13-16

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Inside Outside Circle

Divide the group into two groups of equal number. If you have an odd number of kids, enlist an adult to play to even out the groups. Guide one group to make a circle, facing out (backs to the center of the circle). The second group should form a circle facing the first one. Each child should have a partner facing him.

Tell kids to say something kind to their partners. Then say: “Outside circle, move right.” The kids in the outside circle should move right to the next child. Tell kids to say something kind to their new partners. Then say: “Inside circle, move right.” Repeat a few times. You may want to change up what is said (say something funny) or how it is said (say it in baby talk). Tell kids that today you will be talking about speaking kindly to everyone.

Live It Out – Odd Man Out

  • Gather chairs, one for every child but one.

Talk about the Life Point. Name things that may be kind to say to people. Place the chairs in a circle and play a game like musical chairs. Play music from the enhanced CD while kids walk around the chairs. Stop the music in an unexpected place. All the children should try to sit down. Ask the child without a chair: “What is something kind you could say to a parent?” After the response, start the music again. Repeat, changing the person in the question to coach, younger brother, teacher, lonely child, and so forth. To change the game, remove 1-2 other chairs and ask all children with no chair to respond to the question (either individually or as a group). Encourage kids to speak kindly to everyone this week.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Text Face-off

  • Gather paper and markers.
  • Print S2EWK on a piece of paper.

Group kids into two teams. Give each team 5 pieces of paper and markers. Tell the teams to print texting abbreviations or lingo, one per page. Stress that lingo should be appropriate. To play the game, ask one team to hold up an abbreviation. The other team should tell what the abbreviation means. If the team guesses correctly, they get one point; if not, the other team gets a point. Alternate back and forth between teams to guess the abbreviations.

For bonus points, hold up the S2EWK sign. Teams can alternate guessing what the sign means. (Speak to everyone with kindness.) After several guesses, reveal the meaning. Comment that today you will talk about speaking with kindness. (Note that speaking with kindness includes what kids say in texts and on social media.)

Alternate Idea: Provide ready-made abbreviations for teams to use. You can find a list of abbreviations and other texting lingo online.

Live It Out – Speak Kindness Cube

  • Gather a square tissue box, mailing labels, masking tape, markers, and index cards.

Use the Activity Page to talk about the Bible study and the Life Point. Talk about people that the kids encounter throughout their days (parents, teachers, friends, custodians, siblings, store workers, and so forth). Encourage them to talk about kind words they could say to these people. Guide kids to print kind words on the mailing labels. Attach the labels to the sides of the tissue box.

Use tape to create a toss line. Guide kids to stand a few feet away from the tape line and take turns tossing the cube across the line. Read the words on the top of the cube. The children can think of a person and situation in which they could say those words. Repeat this a few times.

Give each child a card. The children can write down one of the kind phrases and commit to using those kind words during the week. Pray and ask God to help you all speak with kindness this week.



  1. carol hodges says:

    I am unable to open up projects on the CD Rom that comes in the materials packet. I can only get songs…

    • James Jackson says:

      From Jeff Land, Team Leader for Bible Studies For Life: Kids:

      Hi Carol,

      If you still not able to open your CD, send me another email ( and let me find someone who can help you.

  2. The literature has changed but not for the better. Only three paragraphs relate to the Bible story and the rest is related to play time, which can easily be used along with the scripture. These children are grades 4-6 and game time should be a limited resource. I am not happy with the layout of the new literature and would like to see it return to it’s former format.

    • James Jackson says:

      From Jeff Land, Team Leader for Bible Studies For Life: Kids:

      Hi Bobbie,

      I’m sorry that you are unhappy with the new format. We do try to enforce active learning time with trying to relate relevant activities to the Bible teaching for quick application. We haven’t really changed the outline that much, just the titles: Leader Bible Study (Personal Bible Study), Practice Bible Skills (Preview), Introductory Activity (Power Up), Study the Bible (Plug In), and Live It Out (Personalize). Also, here is a link to training videos that will help you understand the new format better : I hope that this helps some! Again, I’m sorry that you find less material related to the Bible. If you can send me some specific instances, I would be happy to look into them. Also, if you would like your class to use their Bibles more, I really suggest you look at Bible Studies for Life: Preteens. Everyone of their Bible stories are learned through preteens directly interacting with their own Bibles.

  3. Glenna Carroll says:

    I have taught in the Children’s Dept. (1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th) for forty years. I found the old literature lacking, and felt the kit was a waste of money over the past few years. Therefore, seeing and using the new literature these past few weeks has been refreshing. At first, I wasn’t sure about having only two verses for six weeks, but now believe it could be a good change. I often use an alternate/extra verse, so this can be done now as well. Also, I have noticed the change in using different translations – I prefer the King James version and would like to see this as one of the options in our literature. If I need to print my own to display, why should I continue to purchase the kit? Our literature is used on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, so I teach the same lesson twice – I’m always searching for enough activities to use for both sessions to keep it interesting for the students that come both times. I appreciate the EXTRA help that I get online. Our Adults are beginning to enjoy the new lessons also – the new and bigger books scared them a little at first!

    • Hi Glenna,

      Thanks for your positive comments! I’m so glad to see that you like the changes. I do wonder if you are familiar with our broadly graded resources for kids. They are available in the King James Version. I think you might really like that. Here is a link to . Also, you might like the to use on Wednesday nights for another hour of session plans. You also might not be aware that on the Enhanced CD is an Bonus Hour. That would be good for Wednesday nights! Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  4. Wanted to pass on that my students enjoyed the Texas Face-Off activity. I had to alter it a little because we didn’t have enough to have teams. But we had fun with me just holding up the cards and allowing the students to guess what the abbreviations meant. It did lead into discussion when students came up with different phrases for the same abbreviation so we could talk about how we speak to each other with all of our modern technology.

    Oh, and I made the Don’t Break The New Testament Ice game suggested in another LifeWay post by Bill Emeot (not sure of the spelling of his name). The game was a HIT! My students had never played Don’t Break The Ice before. An inexpensive and fun addition to my game arsenal.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Don’t you love auto-correct. Thanks for your comment about Text Face Off. I’m glad that you enjoyed the activity. I’m also glad that you tried Bill Emeott’s game suggestion. Bill is super creative and will have another game suggestion next week on the Kids Ministry 101 blog. If you ever have the chance to attend one of his Bible Skills games conferences, make sure you go!

  5. Not sure what happened in my post above but I meant to say we enjoyed the Text Face-Off activity. (Must have been auto correct.)

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