Grades 1-6: Watch Out! Session 3 – Treat Others Right

Scripture: John 4:1-30

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Things I Love Lists

  • On large pieces of paper, write these titles (one per paper): Foods I Love; Stuff I Love; People I Love; Pets I Love; Toys I Love; Friends I Love; Places I Love.
  • Lay the papers on the floor around the room; place 3-4 markers on each piece of paper.

Guide children to move around the room and write at least one thing they love under each category. Talk about the things they choose. Say: “We use the word love in many different ways. But showing love to others and treating them right is something that the Bible teaches us to do.” Tell the children that today’s Bible story is about someone who chose to love and care for someone.

Live It Out – Stationery

  • Gather stamp pads, stamps of various designs, paper, and envelopes.

Talk about the Life Point. Guide kids to talk about ways they can show love and care to people around them. Tell kids they can use the materials to make stationery. Stationery can be as elaborate or simple as the child chooses. Ask the boys and girls to think of a parent, a teacher, a friend, or even someone that is not a friend or family member. Ask what kind of messages they could write to the selected person. They could include encouraging words, words of thanks and appreciation for what the person does, notes about ways the writer could show love to the person, Bible verses about love and encouragement.

If time allows, children could begin writing their notes on the homemade stationery. If not, encourage them to write at least one note this week and send or give it to the person. Words of encouragement and appreciation are ways to show love and care. Suggest the kids choose other ways to show love and care to people around them during the week.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Carrying Water Relay

  • Gather bowls and spoons. You will need one spoon for each child.
  • Set up a start line and end line. Place a bowl with water on a table or chair at the start line. Place an empty bowl on a table or chair at the end line. (If you want to play with teams, you will need a bowl with water and an empty bowl for each team.)

Give each child a spoon. They should line up at the start line. At your signal, the first child scoops water into his spoon, carries the spoon to the end line, pours the water into the bowl, and runs back to the start line. When he crosses the start line, the next child in line takes a turn. (For extra challenge, kids can carry the spoons in their mouths while transporting the water. They should remove the spoons before running back to the start line.) Challenge the kids to transport as much water as they can before you call stop. After a few minutes, call “stop.”

Tell the kids that the Bible story today is about someone that came to transport water.

Live It Out – Contact Plastic Mural

  • Gather contact plastic and a variety of magazines and catalogs.
  • Cut a long length of contact plastic. Remove the backing and tape the contact plastic, sticky side out, to a wall. Lay magazines and catalogs nearby.

Recall the Bible story. Talk about ways to show love and care to people around them. Challenge kids to look through the magazines and catalogs to find objects that illustrate ways to show love and care to people. They can tear out the pictures; they should use their fingers to tear as close to the object as possible. As a child sticks the picture to the mural, he should explain how that item could be used to show love to someone. Tell kids to try to fill up the paper so that no sticky part of the contact plastic is exposed.


  1. I am the clerk for the church I attend. There has been many complaints about this new literature and some are thinking of going to another source. The literature for the small children is way beyond anything they are able to do. Maybe your curriculum staff should take a survey of this literature from different churches. A lot of our members are not happy with it. We have always enjoyed it in the past. Thanks for listening.

    • Linda Evans says:

      I am a 3rd grade Sunday School teacher and have used Lifeway for years. I’ve always thought the literature was great and recommended it to other churches, however I am very disappointed with the changes and have found others feel the same. Thankyou .

      • James Jackson says:

        Here is a response from Jeff Land, team leader for Bible Studies For Life: Kids.

        Hi Linda,
        I’m sorry that you are disappointed in the changes. We really wanted to make it as smooth as possible. Could you give me more feedback about the changes that you aren’t pleased with so that I can better understand your concern?

  2. Our church totally agrees with Delores’s comment. We do not like the new material. We like the dated material and this new material does not have daily scriptures for the children to take home? We understand change is needed most times but please leave key components alone! Thanks for listening.

    • James Jackson says:

      Hi Stephanie! Here’s a response from Jeff Land, team leader for Bible Studies For Life: Kids:

      Hi! Thanks for your input. We are working on a plan for including that information. We will try to make sure we let everyone know when we figure out where it will be.

      • Teresa Wasdin says:

        I am a children’s minister and we have used Lifeway for the past 20+ years- but we are very unhappy- I have been reviewing other sources. When do you think you will have a new plan? I don’t like not having a new verse each week, don’t like not having dated material- I told all my teachers to write the dates in their books so they don’t get confused. Some of the activities are not good at all! Last week the activities were based on how many verses the 5th graders have memorized- i wish I could say they have enough to do the activity- but even if my kids did – what about visitors? We had a first time visitor- that activity would have left them out. I had to come up with a different activity for the fifth grade class, we pay too much for me to have to do that every week.

        • James Jackson says:

          Here is a response from Jeff Land, Team Leader for Bible Studies For Life:Kids

          Hey Teresa,

          Thanks for commenting. The dates are actually in the back of the leader guides, but they will be in the table of contents starting in the Spring. I know that this is confusing, but this was done to help churches who don’t operate on the Sept-August church calendar. We made the move to fewer verses because we really wanted them to be memory verses. We wanted the kids to remember them, know them, and be able to understand what they meant. This is similar to the model that VBS used this year and the model that Bible Drill uses. I understand your reason for being concerned about newcomers and verse memorization. Always check all of the options for which ones work for your group the best. Even though they are labeled Boys/Girls, etc, they are easily adaptable to different gender groups. Also, for more ideas each week, be sure to check here: We post extra ideas for every session at this location. I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion. Please know that your input is valuable and we are constantly working on improving the curriculum. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

  3. Sandy Cameron says:

    Just curious about the resource kit for this new literature…Am I supposed to have a CD like I did with the previous literature? The teacher’s guide refers to it, but there was not one included in the resource kit. Is it sold separately?

    • James Jackson says:

      Here is a response from Jeff Land, team leader for Bible Studies For Life: Kids:

      Yes, the Enhanced CD is sold separately. I’m sorry that you all were missed in the communication about this change. We added the teaching pictures and took out the Enhanced CD. You can call customer service and order one. They are $11.95.

  4. I am a teacher of 4th through 6th graders, and I like the new format very much. The new pictures are beautiful! I am enjoying using the DVD to help kids relate the material to their own lives. I also like having the 6 session units and 2 basic memory verses so we can really engage kids in understanding the themes. I find having the 4th – 6th grade activities and lesson on separate pages from the 1st – 3rd makes it easier for me to study and use. To those who are discouraged about the new material, keep on trying! My class and I like it very much.

  5. I know most of us do not like change, but none of the children’s teachers or adult teachers are happy with the new curriculum. We are also looking at other sources for literature.

    • James Jackson says:

      Here is a response from Jeff Land, Team Leader for Bible Studies for Life: Kids.

      Hi Cathy,
      I’m sorry that you are unhappy with the changes. Can you tell me more specifically about the changes that you don’t like for the kids. We are already making some improvements for the coming quarters and we might have already addressed your concerns.

  6. Where are the discussion questions? I miss not having them to ask the kids ?’s after the story time. thank you Pam Warden

    • James Jackson says:

      Here is a response from Jeff Land, Team Leader for Bible Studies For Life: Kids.

      Hi Pam,
      The review questions are now on the Enhanced CD. Check for them there.

  7. Elda Durán says:

    Hi, just want I let you know that we are liking the new material and I love the “One Conversation” part of the the student worksheet. I like it because our class is small for our morning class and we have had to mixe some smaller kids with the pre teens. Having that part or the lesson helps deliver the lesson in a more age appropriate. The only observation I have overal with the new and past material, is that working in an inner city church, sometimes I think it lacks to make connections with some of the issues our kids are unfortunatly facing. But, again I really love the material. Allso, I have some questions, the material mentions a DVD and ours didn’t come with it. We have the interactive cd. I image the DVD is separate? Where can we sample the clips, to determine if it will work for us before we even buy it? I really hope it does because videos could help drive the point out clearer to these fast pased electronically savy kids. Thank you very much and congratulations on the blog page. May The Lord bless you all and guide you to the direction best suited for His kingdom.
    Sincerely, Elda Duran

    • James Jackson says:

      Here is a response from Jeff Land, Team Leader for Bible Studies For Life: Kids:

      Hi Elda,

      What wonderful feedback to hear! Your information helps us know that we are headed in the right direction. I hope that in the coming quarters you will find more material related to your inner city kids. Here is a link to the some training videos and also has links to the DVD clips that you can preview. I think your kids would love them.

  8. Daphne Wright says:

    I teach 1st – 3rd grades & ordered the Grades 1-3 & 4-6 materials, but plan on ordering the 3rd & 4th Grade materials to use next quarter, since we have more 3rd graders. We are getting use to it – content is good, but as with all “new changes” it takes some time to adjust. We think the pictures are very good, but like the larger picures better which were used with the previous materials.

    • James Jackson says:

      Here is a response from Jeff Land, Team Leader for Bible Studies For Life: Kids

      Hi Daphne,

      I’m glad to here that you are figuring out the new curriculum. We are working hard to make it as user friendly as possible. I think that it is a great idea to use the 3rd and 4th grade curriculum in your class. As far as figuring everything out, we tried changing the names of sections to make them clearer to know what is happening in each one. Here is the new lingo compared to the old: Leader Bible Study (Personal Bible Study), Practice Bible Skills (Preview), Introductory Activity (Power Up), Study the Bible (Plug In), and Live It Out (Personalize). Another resource that you might be interested in is our Visual Poster Packs. It is enormous posters of the teaching pictures. Also, here is a link to training videos that will help you understand the new format better : Let me know if I can help you further!

  9. I’m confused by your reponse saying you added the teaching pictures and took out the CD. In our old packets we had both the teaching pictures and the CD. Also, most of the material relies on the CD and a DVD. Neither of these were included in the teaching materials. It is impossible to follow the curriculum without these resources. Every other activity includes a statement that reads ‘show xyz video’ (DVD) then the activity is based on what the students saw on the dvd. Well, it’s impossible to even try to do this activity since it depends so heavily on what is on the DVD. Very dissappointed. I have to go online every week to try and find something for our students to do that goes along with the bible story. The kit is almost useless.

    • James Jackson says:

      Here is a followup response from Jeff:

      Hi Tammy,

      Sorry for the confusion. You must be using the broadly graded resources. You are correct that the teaching pictures were already in there. I apologize again for not making it clearer that the CD would no longer be included. Our marketing team and publishing team sent flyers and made phone calls to every church using our curriculum, yet it seems that the message didn’t get conveyed to your church and I apologize for that oversight. The DVD is strictly optional, especially in the Broadly Graded. We didn’t have a lot of room for discussion, so I don’t think that your kids will miss out on anything by not having it. If you are looking for more ideas, we have tons more ideas on our Leader Extras page that go along with every session. Here is a link: Again, I apologize for the lack of clearer communication.

  10. Mary Belcher says:

    I actually am still trying to decide about the new SS materials format. The old was easier for those teachers who have work and family I’m sure…because I I find this new format requires more planning and study. I’m retired, so have the time. There’s more info that has to be copied from the CD which requires more at home printer supplies (ink and paper) ..the dated material was easier for a substitute to follow. I do find there seems to be more options of activities …I’m finding it hard to get all of them in and know that’s not necessary. I do like the same verse for a longer time, allowing the children to memorize the verses. Our church does not have WiFi so the videos are not an option, but wish they were. I’ m not sure but it seems this less ‘glossy’ material would be cheaper and more environmentally friendly; is this a part of the change? Still working on it…will keep you posted.

    • James Jackson says:

      From Jeff Land– Our team leader for Bible Studies For Life: Kids:

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your comments. Also, thanks for keeping and open mind about the new change. I’m not sure why some of the teachers are finding it to be more prep. We really tried to make it less prep. Can you tell me what items your teachers are finding to me more prep? Honestly, our prayer behind the changes would be that it was easier to use and more understandable for first time teachers. Here is an example of how we tried to make the outline more straightforward: Leader Bible Study (Personal Bible Study), Practice Bible Skills (Preview), Introductory Activity (Power Up), Study the Bible (Plug In), and Live It Out (Personalize). Also, here is a link to training videos that will help you understand the new format better : As far as the print material goes, we get many, many comments each year about the poor paper quality, so we have tried to make the quality much better this year. I do wish your church could use the DVDs, but they are intended to be optional. I can say, however, that the kids in my second grade class love them! Please feel free to ask more questions! I love feedback.


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