Grades 1-6: Watch Out! Session 1 – Good Attitudes

Scripture: Matthew 5:1-12

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – How Would You Feel?

  • On individual pieces of paper, print words for different emotions or attitudes. (Examples: happy, sad, excited, worried, proud, mad) Make two or three sets of words, depending on the number of children you have.
  • Tape the words to the floor in random order.

Guide kids to stand around the words on the floor. Tell them you will state a situation and they should quickly stand on the word that describes how they would feel. State a situation, wait for kids to move, state another one, wait for them to move again, and so forth. Use situations like these: Your family goes to the beach for vacation. You tear your favorite shirt. Your best friend moves to another town. You change to a different school. You get 100 on your math test. Your brother cleans your room. You win first prize in an art contest.

Tell kids that feelings and attitudes can affect how they live. Today they will hear what Jesus taught about attitudes.

Live It Out – Attitude Bulletin Board

  • Gather a large piece of paper, markers or crayons, drawing paper, and tape.

Guide kids to turn to Matthew 5 in their Bibles and read through the Beatitudes. Or encourage them to listen and follow as you read. Talk about what important attitudes Jesus taught the people. List their ideas on a large piece of paper. (Use the Kids Activity Page or items from the leader pack to supplement your discussion.)

Suggest that the children make a bulletin board display to help them remember to have a good attitude at all times. Children can choose attitudes and ideas listed on the large piece of paper and draw pictures to illustrate them. As they complete their illustrations, kids can use tape to attach them to the bulletin board (or a designated area of the wall). Guide volunteers to print the Life Point and the Life Verse on additional pieces of paper to add to the display. Children may want to add other Bible verses or words about attitudes to the display.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Attitude Acrostic Race

  • Gather a large piece of paper and a marker for every 4-8 children.
  • Print ATTITUDE down the left side of each piece of paper. Leave space to write beside each letter. Tape the acrostics around the room at child level. Lay a marker on the floor under each acrostic.

Group 4-8 kids at each acrostic. (Groups do not need to be exactly the same size.) One child should pick up the marker and stand facing the acrostic. The rest of the group should line up behind him. Tell kids that they will take turns writing words about “attitude” using the letters on the acrostic. At your signal, the first person in each group should move to the acrostic, writing a word on one of the letters, move back and hand off the marker to the next person. That person repeats the process. Continue until each letter has been completed. (Some group members may have more than one turn.) The first group to complete the acrostic wins. Comment that today kids will learn about and think about attitudes.

Live It Out – Comic Strip

  • Gather paper and pencils.

Guide kids to find Matthew 5:1-12 in their Bibles. Read the passage and talk about the Beatitudes. Together think about situations that relate to each Beatitude, focusing on actions the children could do to demonstrate that Beatitude. Use the activities on the Activity Page to reinforce application.

Provide paper and pencils. Tell children to draw a three-panel comic strip to illustrate a situation with characters in the comic strip showing the attitudes that Jesus taught. Ask kids to show their strips to one another. Pray and ask God to help you show good attitudes at all times.


  1. Patti Hallberg says:

    I am trying my best to understand this lesson layout. At first I thought it was not going to be good for me as it looks a little intimidating. But I think I am going to really like it. The problem is I don’t know where to find the Life Action video. Could you explain?

  2. Not really liking this new Extras page. It doesn’t help me know what my lesson’s verses are, if I have forgotten my teacher’s book at Church. There aren’t any dates to let you know what Extra’s help goes with what date either. :-( I really like the other format much better.

    • Hi C, I’m sorry for the confusion. I am new to posting the Extras. I will add the verses on Tuesday. Sorry about the dates missing. It will be important to know the session title in the future.

  3. Pam Crider says:

    Where are extras for Kids Unit 2? All I can find are posts for Unit 1 which we’ve just completed. I need some more ideas for the starting the second unit.

  4. We’re planning to get our teachers to evaluate the new material after the first quarter, but most of the comments that we have heard say the new layout is not as good as the other.

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