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Hello senior adult users of Bible Studies for Life! I’m glad you’re with us. With the launch in September of the redesign of Bible Studies for Life, I’ve been thinking about what senior adults might be thinking about all of this. Some of us have taken the change in stride, but for some of us… well it’s been a little more challenging. But thanks for sticking with us.

Lots of seniors have written us with their comments. Hopefully, I can offer a few suggestions for making the transition from what we had to what we have.

1. Dates for our sessions.

I’m sure many of you remember when the new Sunday School year began with the first Sunday in October. Then it changed to the first Sunday in September to more closely match the beginning of the school year. Now, depending on where we live, the school year might start in early August.

Anyway, what we are discovering is that some churches are sticking with the “traditional” September start date for the new year, but others are starting earlier, and some are starting later, for example, after Labor Day. AND some want to start, well, when they want to start.

With all of that said, for those of us who grew up with assigning a date to a lesson, this new design seems a little awkward. LifeWay is trying to meet the needs of as many churches as possible. Keeping suggested dates in the table of contents is our attempt to compromise with those churches who are more traditional in their approach and the churches who want more flexibility in when to begin their studies.

One suggestion to help keep everyone on track is to announce at the end of each session the session the group will be studying next. Teachers, you might also consider making a phone call or sending an e-mail during the week prior to your study encouraging your group to prepare for the next session. You might also combine this with a list of prayer requests from the previous Sunday.

2. Magazine articles access.

As you have noticed, at the end of each session, we promote a LifeWay magazine article that is related to the content of the session. We have heard from some of you that you want to read these articles, but you don’t have personal access to the Internet. Here’s a suggestion: Talk with your teacher, department director, or church staff member, and request their help in downloading and printing the articles each week. Or perhaps this is a ministry opportunity for someone in your group who has Internet access to print articles for those in your group who can’t access them otherwise.

Related to the magazine articles, beginning with the Summer 2014 issue in Bible Studies for Life: Senior Adults, you will notice a QR code on the page. For those unfamiliar with this, it’s that white box with the squiggly lines in it. You’ll see examples of these appearing on all kinds of products. You might look for them next time you go to the grocery. Anyway, those of you with smartphones will be able to simply scan the QR code to access the article.

God bless each of you as you continue to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 3:18).

Jeffrey Holder, Content Editor, Bible Studies for Life: Senior Adults


  1. Reid Caldwell says:

    Mr. Ronnie Floyd and Mr. Jeffrey Holder,

    I’m writing to you in regards to the new Bible Studies For Life Sunday School curriculum.

    I teach the senior adults class at my church and the current study material isn’t looked upon very favorably by my class nor many of the other classes such as the adult, women and children’s class teachers.

    We have allowed time enough to form our opions on this new literature but I’m afraid it’s not very well liked.

    The class I teach certainly prefers the “just replaced” Lessons For Life that we did have, one reason is that it was not HCSB exclusive but had KJV and HSCB parallel. The lessons with the current curriculum are not dated, you have to refer to the front index, the class overwhelmingly does not like the way the lessons are laid out and I as a teacher do not like the teaching guide layout nor the teaching helps.

    Our children and youth classes have started ordering their materials from the American Baptist which is given in KJV, the literature is laid out in a style less confusing (quoting those classes).

    I am certainly aware of the old adage, “Different strokes for different folks”, but this new material isn’t well received by our church.

    With regards,
    Reid Caldwell
    Nettie Baptist Church
    Nettie, WV. 26681

    • James Jackson says:

      Here is a response from Lynn Pryor, team leader for Bible Studies For Life:

      Reid, thank you for posting and letting us know of your dissatisfaction with Bible Studies for Life. If you would like to contact me directly (, I would be happy to address your specific concerns.

      I am not sure which edition of the adult resources you are using, but Bible Studies for Life is available in KJV. The KJV Adult edition is laid out differently than the Adult edition. It is more akin to what groups had used prior to Fall 2013.

  2. Lillian Akers says:

    Two of the three Senior Adult Classes in our church have asked for the S.S. books to be ordered in the KJV. This is the only version in large print other than HSCH. Now we hear that we can get the Adult book but not the Senior Adult book. We grew up with KJV…why not print the lessons in this version for Senior Adults?

    • James Jackson says:

      Hi Lillian– The Bible Studies For Life: KJV title is very similar to the Bible Studies For Life: Senior Adults. There will be some different pictures and occasional differences in wording, but the same lesson with the same writer. If you prefer KJV, your best bet will be Bible Studies For Life: Adults (KJV)

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