Resilient Faith, Session 4 (Ready Faith): Live it Out option for Men

Suffering is never something we desire. We do, however, understand that it is part of the human experience since the Fall. The difference between believers and non-believers is how we act and react during times of suffering.

Share the following with the men in your group:

David Platt, pastor at the Church at Brook Hills and author of Radical, sits down with David Mathis to discuss how he counsels individuals in the midst of affliction. He highlights five essential truths:

  1. the sovereignty and goodness of God;
  2. the humility of man;
  3. the ultimate reason that suffering exists is to exalt the glory of God’s grace in the sacrifice of his Son for sinners;
  4. God has a variety of good purposes in suffering;
  5. suffering is a means through which God leads the church to fulfill the Great Commission.

Encourage the men to learn more on the topic of suffering by watching the video of David Platt’s conversation with David Mathis at

  • How is God sovereign even in times of suffering?
  • Name examples of someone you have seen suffer terribly and still glorify God. Was someone else’s life influenced or changed by this example? How can you adjust your attitude to match this example?

We want to hear your ideas! How are you living out the topic of ready faith with the men in your group?

kevin2These options for men’s groups for “Resilient Faith” were written by Kevin Garrett. Kevin is Associate Pastor in Education and Outreach at Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. He is co-author of “The Two-Minute Drill to Manhood: Becoming The Man God Meant You to Be” along with John Croyle and has been a regular contributor/writer for Lifeway. Twitter account:@kevinleegarrett

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