Resilient Faith, Session 4 (Ready Faith): Intro Activity for Women’s Groups

Say: You were introduced to the writer of this unit, Mary Jo Sharp, on p.71. On December 12, 2013, LifeWay interviewed her about her book Why Do You Believe That? Demonstrating “ready faith,” Ms. Sharp says: “A particularly intimidating experience when sharing my faith … This is not going to be like a one-on-one kind of situation, but I did do a debate in a mosque in Toronto with a Muslim woman on the views of women in Islam and Christianity, and our audience was pretty much about 85 percent or more Muslim and the mosque was packed out wall to wall. We had people sitting all over the floor because there were so many people in there. That was one of the most intimidating situations I’ve ever been in. But it was awesome because I got to share the Gospel of Jesus in the mosque.”

Invite women to think of a difficult situation in which they could, by word or deed, point people to Christ.


Substitute the following question for Question #3 (p.106) in the Personal Study Guide:

  • If your stand for biblical truth put your family in harm’s way, what would you do?


Substitute the following question for Question #4 (p.108) in the Personal Study Guide:

  • How can you be better prepared to give other women particularly, “the reason for the hope that you have”?


We want to hear from you! How are you introducing the topic of having a ready  faith with the women in your group?

Carole WainaThe options for women group for the Resilient Faith unit were written by Carole Waina who lives near Dallas, TX, and teaches at Dallas Baptist University. She and her husband Richard serve at First Baptist Church, Celina.

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