Resilient Faith, Session 1(Focused Faith): Intro Option and Discussion for Women’s Groups

Relate this information about Margaret Feinberg (, author of some great reads like Wonderstruck and Scouting the Divine. She is a popular Bible teacher and speaker at churches and conferences, and her books and Bible studies have sold over 600,000 copies and received critical acclaim. She has recently successfully battled breast cancer. Feinberg says: “Faith isn’t easy. Faith asks us to respond to divine direction rather than just the observable data. Faith invites us to embrace the goodness of God even when what we see around us suggests God doesn’t have our best interests at heart. Faith asks us to resist taking matters into our own hands. Faith challenges us to believe the impossible. And faith asks us to live courageously, abandoning ourselves to God’s care. ( Discuss a time when faith was not easy for you but you relied on the sure hope of Christ.


Substitute the following question for Question #1 in the Personal Study Guide:

  • What situations particularly in the life of a woman might shake your faith?

Substitute the following question for Question #3 in the Personal Study Guide:

  • As a woman of influence on those around her, how have you modeled faith in a trial or how might you do that?


We want to hear from you! How are you introducing the topic of having a focused faith with the women in your group?

Carole WainaThe options for women group for the Resilient Faith unit were written by Carole Waina who lives near Dallas, TX, and teaches at Dallas Baptist University. She and her husband Richard serve at First Baptist Church, Celina.



  1. Carole, I love these questions! Thank you for sharing Wonderstruck and Scouting the Divine.

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