Relationships Collide Session 2: Wall Street Journal Article

Use this article as a way to introduce the session if you think it would benefit your group. What’s interesting in the article is that the study makes the claim that there is scientific evidence that generosity and success go hand-in-hand. While this is not a faith based article, it can be a great way to start discussion about the issue of selfishness. Use the article to help get your students interested in the subject before you begin the session. CLICK HERE to get to the article. Ask the following questions of you choose to use this article:

  • How does sharing connect with being selfish?
  • What makes you want to share the things you love (food, music, clothes, etc.)?
  • Why does God want us to be givers focusing on the needs of others as much or more than ourselves?
  • How does this connect with everything being about “you”?

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