Productive, Session 6: Discussion Option for Singles


As you discuss the topic “Give Work a Rest” with the singles in your small group, be aware that many singles in the work force have a harder time maintaining a “work-life” balance than those who are married and/or with children. One line from the article Single Employees Want ‘Work-Life’ Balance Too could make a great discussion question:

  • Does a single have as much right to leave work early to train for a triathlon as a father has to leave early to catch his son’s baseball game? 

If time allows, print copies of the article and distribute to small groups for discussion. Lead adults to discuss the temptation to work more because they would rather stay at work than go home to an empty house.

  • What are some healthy habits you’ve developed as a single to guard against workaholism?
  • If you are a single parent whose kids live with you most of the time, how do you deal with the additional pressure of being the only breadwinner, as well as the only homework helper, taxi service, and housekeeper? What does the biblical command to rest look like to you?
  • How can our group help each other find a healthy work-life balance?

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