Pressure Points Session 2: Intro Option for Women’s Groups

Here is an alternate introduction for Pressure Points Session Two: The Pressure of Temptation.

In this two minute video, Beth Moore teaches on the connection between temptation and an unforgiving spirit. Use this to teach on verse 14, and discuss the final statement Beth makes: “We will never be led more strongly into temptation than when we refuse to forgive somebody.” Ask, “Have you found this to be true in your life? Why does harboring unforgiveness make us more susceptible to temptation?”


We want to hear from you! Please share your idea for customizing this lesson for women’s groups! 


  1. Patricia Carr says:

    Our 20 or so ladies are in the 60 to 85 age range. Only a couple of them work part time. We are in a very rural county in western NC. Most of the ladies grew up working hard on family farms. Few have more than a high school education but most have also worked outside their homes, raised their kids, and in some cases are now raising grand kids. Many are widows and most have at least one serious health problem. Most get by on Social Security. There biggest concerns are their extended families, their health, and end of life issues. One is barely computer literate and 4 actually have email addresses. Several don’t see or hear well. Yes, they are still subject to temptation as we all are, but of what they can see in the videos you offer, they do not relate well to situations portrayed. And yet they are the backbone of our small church: serving meals for funerals and bereaved or sick families, praying for the salvation of specific individuals, making blankets for the NICU, gathering supplies for missions to West Virginia and providing back to school backpacks of supplies for those children, helping support our World Changers, providing love offerings for a medical student in the Phillipines, coins in bread box banks for World Hunger, etc., etc., etc.

    Most of these saints have been a part of the church since their youth. What do you offer that would be helpful to those of us trying to provide them with new insights and encouragement ?
    Thank you for your attention to this demographic.

    • James Jackson says:

      Patricia, thank you so much for the tender word picture you painted of the saints in your small group! Your love for these ladies is so obvious, and I was really moved by how you described them.

      Your question/concern is helpful to us as we post our options. In some ways, its the nature of posting leader extras electronically that many of the options will encourage the use of electronica media. But your inquiry will help remind our team that not all of them should.

      Of course, the leader extras are just that– extras. The sessions themselves are hopefully written in such a way that they will provide relevant, thought provoking Bible study on their own, even if a leader never uses any of the online suggestions. I don’t know which version of Bible Studies for Life you are using, but if you have not looked at Bible Studies For Life: Senior Adults, you may find that it meets the needs of the ladies in your class even better than the all adult piece. You can download a sample by clicking here .

      I hope this helps. Again, thank you for sharing with us about the ladies in your class. Bless you as you lead them!

  2. Michele Goady says:

    Thank you for responding to the demographic mentioned above. I am excited to use the video clips with my class. My students have been Christians for many years, and have participated in many Bible studies, so I am always looking for more “indepth” study of the Bible including insight into the historical and cultural context of the scriptures. Video clips that provide this background will be helpful. I appreciate the capabiity to download the clips, in advance on my computer since internet access varies among churches. In addition, diverse video clips from urban, suburban and rural settings, that address the needs of retirees, empty nesters, widows and older single adults add value to the content being taught.

    • James Jackson says:

      Thanks for the good word, Michele! We will seek to have diversity in our video suggestions. We also hope that as more people become aware of these resources, that the blog will become a place where group leaders are sharing ideas with one another. That’s why we end every “Leader Extras” post with “We want to hear from you!” So, thank you for letting us hear from you!

  3. Betty Bell says:

    I have not yet received a response to my posting about the lack of a variety of meaningful, insightful questions from which discussion leaders can choose under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, but after yesterday’s experience, I must let you know that many (most) of the participants in every age level class have very strong feelings about the “dumbing down” of the learners materials. They do not understand why there are so many basically blank pages with so little genuine Biblical content. Yes, there must be application to life situations, but there must be a deep understanding of the truths of the scripture that are to be applied. Who on earth decided that there was not a need for age-appropriate material rather than one-size fits all except seniors?

  4. Teri Beamer says:

    This form of the curriculum is new to us. I like the Beth Moore clip, wish there was more to it.I also think that the helps you are making available are good. I will pass this information on to others at church.

  5. Kathy Barber says:

    I love the new curriculum. I have purchased the commentary and the advanced learning material to help me in my study for teaching. I loved Patricia Carr’s email. Sounds like we might be neighbors in this part of NC. We have the same demographics. The women my co-teacher and I teach range in age from late 20’s to early 70’s. Some work, some are retired, some are disabled. We have quite a range of learners. I try to break down the scripture so that it’s understood and ask thought-provoking questions that will hopefully lead them to their bibles to find out more. It’s also my prayer that through the curriculum we might all apply the life applications to help us grow daily so that we might become “mature and complete, lacking nothing”. I think the curriculum does a great job. I do have 1 suggestion: the videos are great, but in our old church, we only have Wi-Fi in the office which is a ways away. I am unable to always get a signal in our classroom either on the computer or on my phone. If we were able to download the video to our computers to use in class, instead of only being able to access them through your website, that sure would be a help. Love the BSFL Facebook page. Wish the notification would tell me if it’s for my book, “Adults”, without having to click on each notification to find out. Other than that, great job everyone!

    • James Jackson says:

      Hello Kathy! Thanks so much for the encouragement! The videos actually can be downloaded. All you have to do is click on the “Media” tab on the blog, select “videos” and click on “videos available for download here” beneath each category. Here’s the link to the media page:

      Your suggestion for putting the age group a Facebook post relates to in the title of the post makes perfect sense. I will start doing that from this point forward, and will encourage other members of the team to do the same. Thanks for the suggestion. Blessings as you prepare to lead your group this week!

  6. Where is you extra helps for Seniors? We certainly miss the wonderful helps you had before you made this change.

    • Hi Joyce – the extras are at

    • James Jackson says:

      Hi Joyce– Thanks for your question. We have “Extra” helps for small groups that are more narrowly defined than “Adult,” “Young Adult” and “Senior Adult,” which are the targets for the three Bible Studies For Life titles. Generally that means men, women, parents, boomers, and singles/collegiates. We also have a “current events connection” for each session. We don’t have extra helps specifically for seniors, but often you will find that an option identified for one of the above “niches” will also work well for senior adults. Blessings!


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