Pressure Points Session 1: Intro Option for Men

After discussing the intro question (page 9, Personal Study Guide) with the men in your group, share that a 2012 survey conducted by Aviva USA and the Mayo clinic revealed the top five stressors for men. If you have a marker board, write the following on the board, but don’t put them in order. Allow group to guess the order, according to the survey. After group has had a chance to guess, write the percentages next to the stress factor. The numbers reflect what percentage of men rated this factor the number one stressor in their lives.

  1. Finances (34%)
  2. Family and Relationships (17%)
  3. Job Stability (12%)
  4. Pace of Life (10%)
  5. Health (8%)

Lead group to compare this list to their responses to the Introduction question.

We want to hear from you! What ideas do you have for getting into this topic with men’s groups? 


  1. Jim McCourry says:

    What does this have to do with todays Bible study? I do not like to be critical but I am not impressed with the changes. I am not a King James “only” Baptist but I do like the parallel format we did have. I do not like the format of the students or teachers editions, not enough information and explanation. And also my DVD shows the videos but I can not pull up the “TOOLS”. I have tried it on three computers with no luck. I appreciate the work and thought put into this but it does not work for me or my class. The Kit seems not to be as good as it used to be. This blog site has nothing useful to me or my class.
    Thanks for listening.

    • James Jackson says:

      Hi Jim–

      In my mind, when I was writing this particular option for men’s groups, I thought there was a clear connection between “trials” and the information on what men consider their major stressors in today’s world. I apologize if that connection was not clear to you. As for the DVD, that’s an easy fix. On most computers, when the drive recognizes a DVD-Rom has been inserted, it treats it like a movie and opens the DVD player. To get to the tools, you need to exit out of the player and use Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) to access the tools. Here is a blog post that may help you with that question.

      As far as the King James question, our Bible Studies for Life: Adult app will have the capability of toggling between the HCSB, NIV, KJV, and ESV beginning with the Winter 2013-14 issue (which will be available in the iTunes App store and the Google Play store in the next week or so). You may want to check out that option if you are missing the parallel format in the printed piece.

      For your other questions and concerns, please know we appreciate and consider every comment, whether positive or negative. Thank you for taking the time to share them. We will make improvements with every issue.

  2. Nelson Fox says:

    I have Windows 8. I cannot get into “tools” with Windows 8. The entire procedure seems way too difficult. I know it’s too late now to change but I wish there was some kind of patch to modify what is here now.

  3. Lonnie Dispennette says:

    As a Senior Men’s Class teacher I was disappointed with the changes. Our church is small and the material is directed to a much larger audience than ours. So far it looks like the print size is about the only age group application of the study. We changed to BSFL last spring and have enjoyed the studies until now. Rather than waiting a full quarter to change I will be purchasing 15 copies of Explore the Bible for next week and count the BSFL material as lessons learned. Oh, and the app that toggles is useless to a class that boasts no smartphones or computers. Our faithful patriarchs and possibly those of other congregations should not be cast aside as “obsolete” while the denomination upgrades. There was a time when “legacy” meant more than “outdated”.

    • James Jackson says:

      Lonnie, I asked Lynn Pryor, our team leader, to follow up with you, and so I think he’s emailed you on this question.

  4. Lyn Johnson says:

    I, too, am extremely disappointed with the changes with the Sunday School Extra’s. I am the volunteer Sunday Director and we live in a very small town and I don’t need all of the options for “Pressure Points” and all of things like that that are available. I only have 16 adult teachers, so multiple options aren’t a big deal for our Sunday School. My teachers have really enjoyed the Extras! over these last few years because they have been able to use the current, useful information that has been supplied with the Extra!’s. The Extra’s have been a very valuable asset to our teachers and I hate to have to be the one to tell them that we won’t be able to receive them anymore.


    Lyn Johnson
    P. O. Box 96
    25 S. Colorado St.
    Carnegie, OK 73015-0096

  5. Cliff Estill says:

    I don’t like this new format . Used the old Bible Studies for Life (adult edition ) teachers book for many years and loved it. Guess I am not much into change . But I just want you to know that I don’t like the change.

  6. Rick Holeman says:

    I Pastor a small church in West Texas and actually have a few teachers who have said that they will quit teaching if they have to continue to use this new format of material. I think the intention was good to update the material, but the lesson format is much more difficult to follow, especially for those in our older generation. It doesn’t seem to have the same Step by step easy to teach approach! From reading the comments above this doesn’t seem to be limited to our church! We will probably be checking out some other materials for those classes! Maybe a teachers help with a step by step kind of approach would be a good addition!

    • James Jackson says:

      Hi Rick– thanks for the comment. I would love to talk with you more about this, because honestly, we really have worked hard at making the Leader Guide very user-friendly. The teaching plan is about as step-by-step as you can get. If you can email me at and give me a number and time of day that it’s convenient to reach you, I’ll be more than happy to talk through the Leader Guide with you. Thanks again.

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