Pressure Points Session 1: Further Reading for Boomers

As you lead your group of boomers to consider the pressure points in their lives, you may benefit from the book Boomers on the Edge by Terry Hargrave. Check out this back cover blurb, and think about how well it describes some of the major trials the Boomer Generation faces:

The baby boomer generation has found itself in a perfect storm of new and difficult challenges. Aging parents need care. Adult children are moving back home. And just when boomers thought they could retire, economic realities such as meager 401(k) plans and crushing medical expenses are forcing boomers by the thousands back into the workplace.

Hargrave, a professor of counseling at West Texas A&M University, writes in a well-informed, yet always accessible style. This is a great resource for getting a handle on the three most significant challenges this life stage is dealing with.

The book is available for purchase in ePub format from LifeWay, using LifeWay’s free reader app (available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play). Click on the book cover for more information.


  1. Dennis Smith says:

    How about something for SENIORS!!!

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