Pressure Points Session 1: Discussion Option for Parents

You can replace the generic scenario in the “Here Comes the Trial” activity (page 13) with one or more parent-specific scenarios. These could be distributed to small groups of 3-4, or you could pick one for the entire group to consider. Exercise caution in case any of these would hit too close to home for parents in your group.

  • Your child has been diagnosed with a developmental disorder.
  • Your child is getting closer to high school graduation, and you realize you don’t have money for the school she wants to attend.
  • Gang activity is increasing in your school system.
  • You are uncomfortable with some of the lifestyle choices your son is making while away at school.

We would love to hear from you! How are you customizing this lesson for parents? 


  1. Chad Courter says:

    I am confused. I understand we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make people feel uncomfortable. But why is it we can’t talk about life. I watched your video that showed the walk through for an adult Sunday School Class, and it was if the leader went out of his way to make sure no one had to talk about themselves. Isn’t the focus of this series about where the Bible meets life? How are we to learn to talk about and discuss the issues in our lives if we are taught to avoid them? I’m not trying to be mean or condescending I truly see this as a problem with how we approach church.

    • James Jackson says:

      Chad, thanks for your question, and for the spirit in which you asked it. I can give you my perspective as part of the team that develops the discussion questions for each session. We don’t shy away from talking about real life! You are correct that it wouldn’t be much of a life-based Bible study if people were not encouraged to talk about their real life. The only place I can think of where you might have had that impression is in our introductory question. We often think of that first question as an “icebreaker” or “softball” question– one that is broad enough to get everyone talking but not so deep or probing that people would put up their defenses. But once the door is opened, we really do work to make the questions poignant, personal, and thought-provoking.

      I would invite you to give me (James Jackson) a call at 615 251-3830 if you’d like to talk more about this. I really do want to hear your observations on our training videos. Truly, if we are giving the impression that we don’t want people to open up and talk about themselves and where the Bible is meeting their lives, then we are missing the mark with our training! So give me a call. I am in the office most days from about 7-4 CST. If you leave a voicemail, I will call back.

  2. Lyn Johnson says:

    I am the volunteer Sunday School Director in a small town in southwest Oklahoma and a lot of our classes have a wide range of different ages in them. For several years I’ve been handing out the “Sunday School Extra!’s to my adult teachers and they love them, but having to print several different versions of the Extra!’s for different ranges is going to be a problem. Should I just print the medium-range adult Extra! for everyone and ignore the age-range of just forget handing out an Extra! ?

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