Pressure Points Session 6, Optional Discussion Questions for Young Adults/Collegiates


Want more options? Below are some additional questions you can use in place of or in addition to the discussion questions already in the teaching plan for Session 6, The Pressure of Retaliation


When you’ve been wronged, which motto do you most relate to? Why?

  • Forgive and Forget
  • Forgive, But Never Forget
  • Never Forgive, Never Forget

 Question #2

In this passage, James had harsh words for the wealthy who were making their living on the mistreatment of others.

  • Who are some of the oppressed or mistreated that the church should e standing up for today?
  • As believers, what can we do to stand up for the oppressed like James does here?

Question #3

Trusting God with situations that appear unfair is easier said than done.

  • How can we work for justice without succumbing to bitterness or retaliation?

Question #5

James calls us to trust God with the injustices we experience. Sometimes hindsight gives us a clear view of God at work.

  • How have you seen God make wrongs right in your life?

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