Pressure Points Session 6: Article and Questions

This is a photo of the cover of the October 2011 Observer.Use the following article to get some insight into the Psychological Scientific viewpoint on revenge. CLICK HERE for the article.

Keep in mind that this is the science communities take on the subject, not the Bible. It can be helpful to know the perspective that science brings to the table as that is what many students will be taught in school. In addition to the article use the following question as a way to further discuss this topic:

1. Is revenge ever the answer? Why or why not?

2. What happens when we leave revenge to God and allow Him to handle the issues we face?

3. How do we combat the desire to get revenge when we have been wronged?

4. How can we learn to let God handle our issues rather than taking matters into our own hands?

5. How does trust enter into the conversation when we let God handle things rather than seeking revenge?

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