Pressure Points Session 5: Option for Young Adults/Collegiates


Introduce Session 5, The Pressure of Conflict, with the following story:

Fall Saturdays in the South mean one thing—football. You won’t have to look far to see college rivals in action. Done in the name of school spirit, aren’t these really just for fun? The longstanding Auburn vs. Alabama feud led one Alabama fan to poison two historic oak trees on the campus of Auburn University. Initially only the leaves were discolored, but now the trees are dying.

Get the full story by entering “Auburn trees poisoned” into your web browser’s search engine.

When it comes to conflict, how do we know when we’ve gone too far? How can we operate within godly standards of behavior when our emotions are involved?

We’ll explore these two questions and more in today’s study of James 4:1-10.

Optional Closing

As you wrap up the session, tell “the rest of the story:” So many Alabama fans were outraged when they learned of the poisoned trees they launched a campaign that earned $50,000 for the restoration of the trees on the Auburn campus. They pursued restoration rather than revenge. Although the generous gift could not restore the trees, the group “Tide For Toomer’s” (Toomer’s Corner was the spot on the Auburn campus where the trees stood) did a great deal to restore good will between fans of these two schools.

We want to hear from you! How will you introduce the topic of this session with the collegiates in your group? 




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