Pressure Points Session 5: Discussion Option for Boomers

Download the movie clip “I Want Out” at (from the movie Fireproof) or use the same clip from the DVD found in the Fireproof short-term study available from LifeWay Christian stores. The clip is 2 minutes 20 seconds and features the main character and his wife arguing and fighting over trivial things; the scene ends with the woman pinned against the wall and closes with her telling her husband, “I want out” (of the marriage). Tie this to the session by pointing out that our internal conflicts often spill over into our relationships, and the lesson focuses on those internal conflicts, not necessarily the conflicts between us and others. Remind the group members how the people in the video allowed their selfish emotions to spill over and damage their relationship, and how we must find a solution to the pressure of conflict we feel inside.

We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts on communicating the truths of this session with the Boomers in your group. 

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