Pressure Points Session 4: Optional Activity For Young Adults/Collegiates


To introduce the topic of the importance of words with the young adults in your small group, ask group members to respond to the following quote:

“In the age of the text message, the power of the thumb has outgrown the power of the tongue. In general, young adults text more than they talk on their phones, but the speed at which text messages are entered and sent frequently leads to miscommunications—some humorous and others potentially disturbing or offensive.”

—“Practice Effective Communication with Texting Activities” by Brent D. Wolfe and Colbey Penton Sparkman

In their book Team Building Activities for the Digital Age, Brent D. Wolfe and Colbey Penton Sparkman introduce a new spin on an old favorite. The well-known telephone game now includes texting as group members relay a message through an entire group with the goal of keeping the message intact. Click here for directions for the activity. The exercise explores the ups and downs of digital communication. Following the exercise, ask these questions (taken directly from the activity):


  • How does texting impact our communication?
  • Which information should (and shouldn’t) be sent via text?
  • What are the pitfalls to digital communication and how can they be avoided?

We want to hear from you! How will you introduce the topic “The Pressure of Words” with your small group? 



  1. Sandy Stevens says:

    I am not a textrr I do it very rarely.I don’t even like talking on the phone much.My co workers call me a dinosaur lol

  2. Ron Riemar says:

    It is sad that many feel they can text, tweet and FB things they would never say in person.

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