Pressure Points Session 4: Helpful Article

As you lead students on the topic of The Pressure of Words, use this article by Michael Hyatt Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.43.34 PMas a way to help them contextualize how powerful our words can be. You may want to read it aloud or simply summarize the message for your group.






  1. I am so disappointed with the Websites that are referenced in the Leader Guides for Bible Studies for life. Each week I try to find the article or blog note that will have extra suggestions for the teacher. Today I tied very unsuccessful to find an article by Michael Hyatt.
    Although I am not an expert on the computer I can usually follow directions and locate what I need. I never found the article referenced.
    I really could use some of the extras as the Leader Guide does not provide much.

    Thanks for any help, I do want to teach well.

    • Chris Swain says:

      Sorry you are having problems! Did you click the link to the article? I tried it again and it still works for me. Let me know if you cannot make it work and I will look into other fixes. Thanks!

  2. Chris, when I clicked on the Helpful Article for Session 4 I got nothing. I went to the
    Search this Website and still nothing. I also tried the articles the top of the page. I give up.
    This is too time consuming each week. I have others in my church who have also had too much trouble getting info, so just quit trying.

    There are too any links to Lifeway. Simplification would be nice.

  3. Debbie Absher says:

    I just want to let you know that I love the new Bible Studies For Life literature. The old one was great but I feel that the new is better formatted, illustrated and it is better geared to relate to the day to day experiences that our students encounter. The Leader Guide is great! I appreciate the commentaries, personal study guide and how the apply it can be addressed to the students in a clear and informative way. I really enjoy using the Engage activities to get the class motivated for the lessons. Overall the study is fantastic! Please dont change anything! This material not only helps the students but it helps give me as a teacher new insights into God’s word that I need for my own daily walk with the Lord as well as witnessing to others. Thank You again and God bless you for all you do!

    • Chris Swain says:

      Thanks for the glowing review Debbie. We appreciate it and are so thankful that we can help you in your mission of making disciples!
      God Bless

  4. Rich Herbert says:

    I agree with Betty Hall, the Leader’s guide reference material is too difficult to get to. I’m looking for more discussion questions and more insight into the passages. And I prefer it to be in the leaders guide, not on the internet.The new Bible Studies for Life just don’t have the meat anymore. They seem geared more towards someone who just wants to be read to.
    Please tell me where I can get better discussion questions and more detail on the passages.

    • Hey Rich – We appreciate your feedback and will pass along to the editorial team. If you’d like additional background material for each lesson now then try one of the companion commentaries, either Herschel Hobbs or Advanced Bible Study Commentary. You can find both at

  5. Pat Coomer says:

    My adult ladies’ class misses the two translations of scripture for each lesson. Any reason for not including the KJ translation along with the other translation?

  6. Robert S. White says:

    I have noticed something on the Activity Pages about a Personal Study Guide. I have just started teaching the Preteen lessons, and I would like to know where do these come in at. I cannot find anything where I can take advantage of these. Are they suppose to be in the material we get, or are they to be separate material?

  7. I’m teaching 7th and 8th grade students. The material, although fairly thorough, still lacks some basics. The student book for Nov.3 “Stand your Ground” offers a discussion topic called What Does It Say? (page 103) Now I’m not lazy. I did my Bible research to find answers to these topics. Like, What does the Bible say about tatoos? I have several references. But the teachers book addresses none of these. Why?
    I do know that there are some teachers who are not that Bible savy and would avoid this topic if no help was provided. Why can’t the teachers book give us answers to such. There may be some references I haven’t found. As a teacher I may learn something.

    • Chris Swain says:

      Thanks for the input Sherry! We are always evaluating how we present the material. The particular Action Point you refer to here was intended to be a discovery by the students as they examine the Word so we did not provide any additional commentary. We will certainly consider what you’ve said as we look toward future Action Points and how we can help you as a leader!


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