Pressure Points Session 4: Discussion Option for Men

Question 2 on page 42 of the Personal Study Guide asks, “How have you seen words act like fire or as poison?” As time permits, discuss how movies and TV shows often portray characters using cutting humor and sarcasm with each other. Often, because it is used for humor, we forget the destructive power of put-downs.

Afterward, ask:

  • Have you ever used words to belittle or demean someone else? Have you ever been the recipient of poisonous words like this?
  • Many of us make our living by the words we use. We may be lawyers, advertisers, salesmen, and so forth. We know firsthand the power of words. How should our commitment to Christ influence the way we use our words in our business?

We want to hear from you! How will you deal with the topic “The Pressure of Words” with the men in your small group?

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