Pressure Points Session 3: Introduction Option for Boomers



To help your group members experience partiality, provide drinks and snacks for your group, but make an exaggerated point of personally serving a select few individuals or couples.  Discriminate against some of your group members based on their clothing by inviting people who are well-dressed to enjoy the snacks (do this on a person-by-person basis, inviting specific people to come and enjoy a snack and a drink).  Don’t tell the group members on what basis you are making your choices…they may figure it out as you go.  For example, you could invite people who are more dressed up to eat and drink, keeping people who are wearing more casual attire in their seats. Or, you could choose people whom you know cheer for the same college football team as you. Carry on like normal and ask the opening question and begin your discussion.  Direct group members to quickly scan the story in The Bible Meets Life section of the PSG (p.30) and then reveal how you chose certain people to enjoy the food and drinks you brought.  Ask group members how it felt to not be invited to participate based on the clothes they are wearing.  Introduce the One Point and continue your session (and make sure you invite everyone to enjoy the snacks at this point!)

We want to hear from you! How will you help Boomers discuss the pressure of partiality? 

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