Pressure Points Session 2: Introduction Option for Boomers

scaleTo enhance the opening of the group session, place a bathroom weight scale in such a place that group members must step over it as they find their seat.  Don’t comment on the scale, but proceed with the opening question, “What food tempts you to say yes to just one more bite?”  After discussing the question, ask group members if taking one more bite of their favorite food is really that harmful.  Once group members respond, invite some of them to step onto the bathroom scale and let them know you will call out the number that appears in the display window (you won’t get any volunteers!).

Ask group members to read the first sentence under The Bible Meets Life section :  “Just one more slice – one more bite – there’s no harm in that, right?”  Bridge to the session’s topic by stating that there is harm in taking one more bite of our favorite food (or else we’d all get on the scale), and there is harm in saying yes to temptation, even if it seems small and insignificant at the time.

We want to hear from you! How will you introduce “The Pressure of Temptation” with the Boomers in your small group? 

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