Pressure Points Session 2: Current Events Connection

quicheHere is a news story you can use to help introduce this session on “The Pressure of Temptation.” After hearing responses to the introductory question, “What food tempts you to say yes to just one more bite?” share that on August 12, 2013, thieves in the UK broke into a cafe in order to get quiche. They were arrested after a five hour standoff with police (To learn more about this story, enter the phrase “British Quiche Thieves” into your browser search engine) .

  • For these burglars, apparently the temptation of quiche was enough to get them to do something they knew was wrong. What do you think are some of the warning signs that being tempted is crossing the line into giving in to temptation?
  • This is an example of “a little thing” (hunger for quiche) becoming a “really big thing” (aggravated burglary). Would you say most temptation works like that? Can you give any other examples?

Continue with the  plan on page 25 of the Leader Guide, highlighting The Point that “God won’t tempt me, but He will provide a way to resist temptation.”

We want to hear from you! What are some current events you are thinking of using to get into this session’s topic? 


  1. Alonzo(Lon) Sackett says:

    This isn’t much help. It is hard to copy. It isn’t enough info for use. Need more to do something different. Something that would be more creative. Something that would really get adults’ attention. Hmm. I don’t what, tho.

    • James Jackson says:

      Thanks, Lon. Obviously, some of these ideas will resonate with your group better than others. We hope as more and more leaders begin to use Bible Studies for Life, they will share their own ideas with other group leaders as well. So maybe this idea will “prime the pump” and generate others from other leaders!

      • Opening activity: We’re going to expand on the question about food. We plan to distribute tootsie pop suckers as young adults arrive, and challenge them to lick all the way to the tootsie roll without biting (small prizes could be awarded). We are also considering distributing snack size bags of chips and challenge young adults to eat “just one.” Hope these ideas help!

  2. I think this article is great! I’m going to share it on Sunday. It just shows how crossing that line can lead to bigger things. Thanks for all this great information!!!

  3. I like this idea. It shows temptation without it being too harsh. Great opener!

  4. Quick Google search gave the full story. Will use this one.

  5. Here is a youtube clip of this story.

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