Pressure Points Session 1: Additional Engage Option Help

This week’s Lead with Action Engage Option was:giant jenga

Lead your students in a game of Jenga® (Bring your own Jenga® or ask if any of your students have one you can use for the session.) Play a normal game, giving each student at least one turn. Then apply the following “trials” one at a time as the game progresses. (Remind students they may use only one hand in Jenga®.)

1.add a 6-second timer to each person’s turn.

2.Students must alternate which hand they use to play.

3.Students may not use their thumbs while playing.

After the game, award the winner a prize if you’d like or simply transition to the session and say, “Pressure can get to you. When you add trials to pressure, life can get pretty tough. Let’s look at what the Bible teaches us about facing trials.

An additional option was to build a giant Jenga® game for your group. Try this site for step-by-step instructions:






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