Pressure Points Session 3: Introduction Option for Collegiates/Current Events Connection

BeardAfter your group responds to the question on page 29 of the personal study guide, summarize this story, which appeared in multiple news outlets on August 16, 2013 (Enter the phrase “Duck Dynasty facial profiling” in your search engine for more specifics).

While in New York, Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame was mistaken for a homeless man and asked to leave a hotel. He asked where the restroom was and the hotel employee politely led him outside and pointed down the street. Jase laughed it off, calling it a form of “facial profiling.” Over 11 million viewers tune in to watch Duck Dynasty weekly.


  • Have you ever been judged unfairly simply because of the way you look?
  • On your campus, what groups of people are most likely to be profiled or treated poorly?

We want to hear from you! What other news stories could you use to help your group discuss the pressure of partiality? 



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