Preschool: Winter 2013-14: Unit 1: Session 5: Helping (1/5/13)

1s & 2s—Draw on Coat Shapes

Bible Story: Peter and Dorcas Acts 9:36-43

Life Point: People who love Jesus help others.

Life Verse: Help one another in love. Galatians 5:13

Christ Focus: Jesus enables us to serve Him.

Bible Focus: Dorcas helped people by making clothes for them.

Materials: paper, crayons, scissors (teacher’s use), Teaching Picture 5

  • Cut the paper into simple coat shapes. Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Cut a v-shape at the fold and cut a 1-by-9-inch rectangle from each side.
  • Offer each preschooler a coat and crayons. Talk about Dorcas sewing clothes for people as they decorate their coats.
  • Continue talking about the Bible story. Point to Peter and Dorcas in the Teaching Picture.

3–Pre-K—Make a Helper Quilt

Bible Story: Peter and Dorcas Acts 9:36-43

Life Point: People who love Jesus help others.

Life Verse: Do what is good. Romans 2:10

Christ Focus: Jesus helps us so we can serve Him.

Bible Focus: Dorcas helped people by sewing clothes.

Materials: light-colored construction paper, tape, markers or crayons

  • Cut the paper in half to make 6-by-9-inch pieces. Give each child a piece of paper. Encourage him to draw a way to help on his paper. Ask about his drawing when he is finished. Invite him to make another drawing of a different way to help.
  • Talk about the Bible story as children draw. Comment that Dorcas helped people by sewing clothes for them.
  • As children finish their drawings, tape them together to make a large quilt. Display the quilt in the room for children to see.

Kindergarten—Make Helper Coupons

Bible Story: Peter and Dorcas Acts 9:36-43

Life Point: People who love Jesus help others.

Life Verse: Do what is good. Romans 2:10

Christ Focus: Jesus helps us so we can serve Him.

Bible Focus: Dorcas helped people and Peter helped Dorcas.

Materials: white construction paper, markers, stapler

  • Cut the paper into 12 pieces, 2-by-4½-inches.  Give each child a few strips of paper. Explain that they will be making helper coupons to give to parents or other family members. Talk about some ways they could help at home. Print these on a sheet of paper for children to copy.
  • Talk about how Dorcas helped her friends and how Peter helped Dorcas. Comment that when we help others, we show that we love Jesus.
  • When a child has finished making his coupons, staple them together on the end.


  1. Pamela Stoltz says:

    I am very disappointed in the new Sunday School curriculum for Preschool and Kindergarten. The layout of the curriculum is harder to follow and it seems that we are already repeating lessons that were recently used.

    With the old curriculum teachers were provided more background information and the scope and sequence made more since in the process. Also, we had more ideas for activities as well as extra ideas for the children to explore.

    I am considering exploring other curriculum options for our Sunday School teachers to use.
    Pamela Stoltz
    Shoreline Baptist
    Preschool Director

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Pam,

      I’m sorry that you do not like the new curriculum format. Would you be able to expound on the format changes that are confusing? From our vantage point, we would say only the group time moved from the end of the session to the side of the leader Bible study. All other elements stayed the same. If you are seeing more than that, let us know. It could be that our eyes are too familiar with it. Also, which story are you finding that is repeating. That shouldn’t be happening.

      We are working on making our Bible backgrounds more detailed. We changed them to be more life application, however, we have found that teachers wanted them to have more Bible background information.

  2. Dale Bell says:

    I agree with Pam, this Kindergarten teacher guide is hard to use. Not having dated material is difficult to find where we are. Very disappointed lesson on birth of Chist was an ” optional” lesson. I chose to teach the Christmas story all month and try to pick up in January . The lesson Pam referred to as repeat was probably Peter walking on water..even my Kindergartners said ” it is the ghost story…those disciples thought he was a ghost!” Why do we never teach old Bible lessons like Jonah, David and Goliath, Daniel in the Lions Den? I do like that we use the same Life Verses during the unit. My Children are beginning to learn them and able to find them in our Bibles. I would change literature if given the option. Sorry I could not be more encouraging but I am a very experienced teacher who is struggling to enjoy teaching from this literature.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Dale,

      Thanks for hanging in with us. Traditionally, the Bible Teaching for Kids curriculum that Bible Studies For Life: Kids replaced never taught the stories you mentioned. However, you will be happy to know that those stories are coming up in the future of Bible Studies for Life Kids. Next year, all of the Christmas stories will be printed.

  3. We agree with Pam. We are repeating Bible lessons. coloring sheets are too detailed for preschoolers. Why only one Sunday in December designated for Jesus birth. I had to find SS bible stories on internet for the month of December: 1st Sunday – Mary, 2nd Sunday Joseph, 3rd Sunday birth of Jesus, 4th Sunday Wise men & Shepherds
    I too am looking at other SS material
    Preschool Director

  4. Dale Bell says:

    Thanks for your quick reply. I liked your answers Jeff Land. I will be watching for those beloved Bible stories. Ps. We all dated our teacher guides this week and a paper clip helps me keep my place. Problem solved!

  5. Carol heatherly says:

    I too am having a harder time with this layout of the lessons. I also put it aside during the month of December and taught on Jesus’ birth for 3 weeks. The children love the puzzle pages. They look forward to them each week. As for the lessons , we have had the same lessons over and over on several occasions. I would like to see stories from the Old Testament also, not that those we have had are not good. Any story from Gods word is always amazing.

    • Hi Carol,

      I would love to chat more with you. I think I can help you with the format. Would you email me: ? Also, I am not sure what stories you are finding that are repetitive but in the BSFL scope and sequence, there is less repetition than ever and quite a few new stories introduced to Preschoolers than we have ever used before. If you are seeing repetition, please let me know which ones repeat, because it is possible some have slipped past us.

  6. Barbara Branson says:

    Even if no other changes are made in the Bible Studies for Life, PLEASE reconsider the use of term “Life Verse”. What about “BIBLE Verse” ? or perhaps “Bible Verse for Life” ?

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