Preschool: Winter 2013-14: Special Focus: Jesus Was Born (12/22/13)

1s & 2s—Play with Sheep Figures

Bible Story: Jesus Was Born Luke 2:1-20

Life Point: Jesus was born.

Life Verse: Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Matthew 2:1

Christ Focus: Jesus came to earth to help us.

Bible Focus: Shepherds came to visit Jesus.

Materials: Teaching Picture 13, cardboard blocks, plastic or vinyl sheep figures

  • Display the Teaching Picture with the blocks and sheep figures.
  • As the preschoolers play with the figures, talk about the Bible story. Point to the people in the Bible story and talk about who each is.
  • Pray and thank God that Jesus was born.

 3–Pre-K—Make Ornaments

 Bible Story: Jesus Was Born Luke 2:1-20

 Life Point: Jesus was born.

Life Verse: I will do what God says. Psalm 119:34

 Christ Focus: Jesus came for all people.

Bible Focus: We celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas,

 Materials: Teaching Picture 13; construction paper circles and trees; construction paper strips; green, red, white, and gold chenille stems; markers; glitter glue pens; stapler or tape

  • Display the Teaching Picture with the art supplies. As children come to the table, tell the Bible story. Ask about ways that the children celebrate Christmas in their homes. Explain that one way we celebrate is to decorate trees.
  • Invite the boys and girls to create ornaments by decorating a paper shape, making paper chains, or twisting together chenille stems.

Kindergarten—Decorate Tree Cookies

 Bible Story: Jesus Was Born Luke 2:1-20

 Life Point: Jesus was born.

Life Verse: I will do what God says. Psalm 119:34

 Christ Focus: Jesus came for all people.

 Bible Focus: We celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas.

 Materials: Teaching Picture 13, allergy sign, tree-shaped sugar cookies, green-tinted frosting; variety of candy decorations, small paper plates, napkins, plastic knives, sandwich-sized ziplock bags, permanent marker

  • Post an allergy sign on the door to inform parents of the activity. Tell parents that the cookies will be taken home, not eaten in class.
  • Display the Teaching Picture. As the children come to the activity, tell the Bible story. Use the Teaching Picture to help identify the people in the story.
  • Ask about ways children celebrate Christmas in their homes. Explain that some people decorate special cookies to help them think about Jesus’ birth.
  • Give each child a cookie on a plate with some frosting and a knife. When she is finished, put her cookie in a ziplock bag labeled with her name.


  1. I teach 3rd grade Sunday school and use your Kids Bible studies for life. I & others have tried to give it a chance. The only thing I agree on is not having so many verses to learn, so the children can know that they know them. The lessons tends to jump around and the kids do not have the reputation of really knowing what the whole story is. I am disappointed the Christmas story is not taught for December. Which our Sunday school department has decided to do on their own.

  2. Joanne Moran says:

    I don’t see an option to print the optional session for 12/22/13, and it doesn’t look complete as do the ones for the other four Sundays in December. I am trying to print a set for myself, but then that means I will need to print copies for my teachers–this is costly and takes time. And, there is no way I can print the activity pages (in color)–not even one copy. This isn’t practical on top of what my church has already spent for the leader guide and other winter curriculum materials. I am trying to stay focused on all that I will need/want to do to teach about the birth of Jesus in the month of December.

    • Hi Joanne,

      The 12/22/13 session is in your leader guide already. I would recommend you print in Black and White in order to save costs. Maybe you could use the 4 extra lessons in the leader guide at another time. The Peter unit is really great. That would actually give you 17 sessions for Winter.

  3. Jeanna Bryson says:

    I too am not really happy with the December lessons. Yes – it is a good study on Peter but the 2 most important Christian Holidays should be taught at the fore front. Christmas and Easter should be the main lessons during their respective times of year. Without the real reason of Christmas being taught you have missed the mark. I understand they are on the website – but again these should be in our packet.

  4. Robin Miller says:

    I was very disappointed in Lifeway’s decision to make one of the most important stories from our Bible, the birth of our Lord and Savior, as the alternate lessons for the month of December. in my opinion, the lessons printed in the book should have been the alternate lessons and the Christmas stories should have been the ones printed. We did print the materials for the alternate lessons in black and white. I’m not sure if you have seen them in black and white or not, but the picture were so grainy you could hardly tell what the picture was. After paying for the Sunday School packet of materials, we could not afford to print the pictures in color. The preschoolers need ALL the materials in color. The events leading up to the birth of baby Jesus play a very important part of the Christmas story. How else are small children going to learn about them if we don’t spend the month of December teaching about them? Some of our children do not have the luxury of having Christian parents to fill in the gap of what is not taught at Sunday School. It seems like everywhere you go, someone is trying to downplay the importance of Christmas. While I know this was not Lifeway’s intention, it is what I felt like you were doing by not providing us the printed materials we needed and by making the Christmas stories the alternate lessons for the month of December.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Robin,

      I’m sorry for your disappointment. As you pointed out, we do provide lessons for each Sunday online including the one printed lesson. Next year, they will all be printed in the leader guide.

  5. Kayla Dorris says:

    I too am quite surprised in the decision of Lifeway to downplay the Christmas story throughout the month of December. I see there is ONE lesson on Jesus birth, which falls a the end of February, if you use the lessons as they are placed in the book. Yes, I understand they aren’t dated and we can use the lesson we choose, but I find that frustrating. I teach preschoolers and they need to hear the bible truths that lead up to Jesus’ birth during the whole month. I will be preparing different materials through December, which is sad, because the church paid Lifeway for the correct materials. It doesn’t really work for Lifeway to give us “extra” lessons because literature is ordered each quarter….somewhere along the way there will be wasted lessons. Just stick to dated materials that coincide with the time of year.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Kayla,

      Here is a link to a blog that we published that outlines the plans for Christmas sessions.

      We never intended to downplay the importance of Christmas. The reduced number of Christmas lessons is actually more related to the use of no dates. The removal of the dates was not in order for us to use the same curriculum over and over. Bible Studies for Life will be new every quarter, not the same from year to year.

      It is because many churches do not use our curriculum on the same calendar. For instance, my church, FBC Joelton, started the Winter curriculum the last week of October. Having the Christmas sessions in there would be weird for our kids. Many churches don’t start using it until January. Again, having the Christmas sessions would be odd for them. So, our efforts to try to make the curriculum accessible to everyone actually hurt people like yourself who use the curriculum according the standard quarters. Next year, the four Christmas sessions will be printed, but this year, we have provided 5 sessions.

      As for the dates, we are adding suggested dates back on the Spring Table of Contents. However, when you look at the link above, you will also see that I have provided them there.

  6. This literature is extremely disappointing and confusing. Why would they not have the story of the birth of Jesus in the literature? Yes, I know now, since I called Lifeway that I can download material to give to the teachers, but it is too little, too late.
    I realize that everything is going the way of digital and the internet, but not everyone of our valued teachers is internet savvy. I see by the comments that we are not the only ones frustrated with the literature.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Pat,

      The story of the birth of Jesus is in the curriculum listed under the Special Focus session. What is provided digitally are additional stories associated with the Nativity story.

  7. Mignonne Tadlock says:

    I, too, am puzzled about why you chose not to have the whole of December devoted to Jesus’ birth. Remember, many of our preschoolers and kindergarteners come from homes where they may have had little exposure to the Bible and the Real meaning of Christmas. Also, this age group learns by repetition, so they need to hear these stories again and again. It seems that The goal of One Conversation has overuled considering the everyday life and needs of the preschool/kindergarten age group. In looking at the list of people on the team for this curriculum, I saw no one who listed experience or training in teaching this age group. Perhaps I overlooked something.
    Thanks for the additional materials, but we received them after the first Sunday in Dec.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Mignonne,

      We don’t actually list our personal experience with teaching kids, but everyone listed works with kids weekly. The editor, Kathy Collins, who isn’t listed is a former preschool minister and weekday director who has 33 years of experience teaching and working with preschoolers in Tennessee and Texas.

      We certainly want kids to know about the birth of Christ, so we have provided 5 sessions for you to use this season! I’m sorry that you received your materials for Christmas late, I’m not sure why. We have had them posted for over a month.

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