More, Adventure, and Bible Express: Oh My! (It’s time for a giveaway!)

land-1024x1017 Are you familiar with the kids’ devotionals? They are a great way to help strengthen families. Each month articles and devotionals are specifically written to support the material being studied in Bible Studies for Life. And now, the devotionals have an even further reach. We’ve expanded the age range of offerings!




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More devos are now written with Kindergarten through Second Grade in mind. I, personally, have two kids in this age range, and the devos are a great way for us to have “God talks” at home.

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Adventure Devotions are available for Third and Fourth Grades and are a great tool for these kids to really begin working on personal Bible study. Each month has fun activities and an meaningful devotions for kids.


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Bible Express is a great magazine for preteens to learn more about the truths they are studying in church. This magazine is a flip-book style and has separate articles and devotions for boys and girls.

We want to give one church 25 copies of each of these magazines. We will randomly select a winner from the commenters on this post. You have until Wednesday, October 15 to comment. Let’s make the comments fun. If you are like me, you remember getting these devotions as a kid. Write a memory that you have of these devotions and how you used them as a kid or maybe how you have used them with your kids or maybe how you would like to use them as a kid.

I’ll go first. I remember loving to read the fiction stories in Adventure (it was a pamphlet back then!). I read it during big church when the preacher started preaching!



  1. Judy Reynolds says:

    These were great to have for my kids when they were little. Now, I would love to have them for my church to give to my 3rd & 4th grade grandchildren.

  2. Jeanne Nation says:

    I don’t remember these as a kid, but I would love for my kids at church to be able to receive these. We are working with them, trying to teach them the importance of reading the Bible daily.

  3. Unlike your memories, I didn’t have the advantage of these positive devotionals as a child. Like you, I was an avid reader, but my parents did not take any more active role in my formative years than taking me to church every Sunday. And for that I am so thankful. However, there may be kids like myself in my Children’s ministry. I would like to provide for those kids these age appropriate devotionals so that they can grow and possibly share with their parents! Our community is urban and the need is great. Thank you for providing this opportunity for a church.

  4. Cindy Wise says:

    I don’t ever recall having these as a kid but would also love to have them to share with my first through third grade students. I believe they could be a wonderful enhancement to the lesson or to be able to use them also on Wednesday nights during a children’s time. Hearing the Bible stories of long ago are great and wonderful but I also think that when we pair them with current devotionals of things happening in their time makes it all that much more real to them. They can identify and relate to what may be going on their life right now. I do like showing the children that GOD’s word pertains to every bit as to what is going on now as much as it did back then in the days of JESUS. I would be honored to receive these devotionals on behalf of my church and our children’s department. Thank you for the opportunity of being able to enter to receive them.
    Cindy Wise
    1-3rd grade
    Sunday School Teacher
    Immanuel Baptist Church
    Muskogee, Okla. 74403

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