Life Verses for Kids: FAQs

If you’ve already previewed Bible Studies for Life: Kids, then you’ve probably noticed the Life Verses for Kids. And maybe you’re wondering …

Why the term Life Verses?

Because we believe that these Bible verses are key texts for kids to learn and know—as part of building spiritual foundations for faith in the lives of kids who have not yet become Christ-followers and transforming the lives of kids who already have become Christians. The Word is how God infuses our lives with zoë life—abundant life! (See John 10:10.)

How many verses are there?

Each 6-session unit of Bible study includes 2 Life Verses, so by the end of the church year, the kids will have learned 24 verses.

How often will the kids work with a particular verse?

The boys and girls will work with each verse at least twice during the unit … sometimes for three or four weeks (not always in a row). And it’s always OK to review the other verse as well as working with the verse indicated for the session. (Remember: adapt as you see fit—you know the kids you teach!)

What methods will I be using to help the boys and girls learn the verses?

Over the course of the entire quarter, the teaching plans include a variety of games and activities to help the kids memorize the verse. And the Enhanced CD (or Music and Print Extras, the digital version of the CD) includes songs that help the kids better understand the meanings of the verses, a song for each of the Life Verses for each 6-session unit.

What if the kids I teach enjoy the challenge of memorizing a different verse every week?

Each session suggests an optional weekly memory verse.

What about the verse for the Special Focus session?

Sometimes the kids will be learning a Life Verse that is used in only the Special Focus session. At other times, the girls and boys will learn a Life Verse from one of the 6-session units of study as part of the Special Focus session.

Will I still get to choose which Bible version I use?

Your church decides which Bible version to purchase. (You might be part of that process.) Your Leader Guide and Kids Activity Pages show only the version you have chosen.* And your Leader Pack gives Life Verse banners in all four versions, so display only the version you need. Simple as that!

Note that the Life Verse songs’ lyrics were written so that the songs help the kids learning the meanings of the verses, rather than memorize them. That way no matter which Bible version your church has chosen, the Life Verse songs will work for you!

*Unless you are using Bible Studies for Life Grades 1–3 and 4–6 — affectionately known as “Broadly Graded” — which shows both HCSB and KJV.

What if I want to tell my kids that the verse is our “memory verse”? Can I just call this a “Bible verse”?

Go right ahead! Just because we call it a Life Verse doesn’t mean that it isn’t a Bible verse. It is! We like the term, and we think you might too. It doesn’t hurt to talk with the kids about what the term Life Verse means. (Some of them might have life verses that their parents chose for them. Talk about those verses too. Hey, teachable moments!) And no one’s going to put you in “Bible Study Leader Jail” for calling them something different—the kids still will learn God’s Word, and that’s what matters. Right? Right!


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