Levels of Biblical Learning

Have you ever gone on a long vacation and had no idea where you were headed? Sure, that might be an exciting idea for a short trip, but it could bring on some anxiety if it were for an extended period of time.  Which way should you go? What do you pack? Do you need sunscreen and a swimsuit or mountain boots and a parka?

Sometimes it’s just better to know where you’re going.   Otherwise, how will you know the best route to take? And, how will you know when you get there?

Let’s apply that to teaching kids.  What’s our ultimate goal? Where do we want kids to be and what do we want them to know by the time they reach their teen years? That’s why LifeWay Kids uses the Levels of Biblical Learning as a guide when planning and writing Bible Studies for Life: Kids.  We know there are important spiritual concepts that kids need to know as they apply the Bible to their lives.

We’ve organized these concepts into 10 categories.

  • God
  • Jesus
  • Bible
  • Creation
  • Family
  • Self
  • Church
  • Community and World
  • Holy Spirit
  • Salvation

By teaching biblical truths in these areas, you’ll be laying the foundations in kids’ lives that can help lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus and help them grow in their spiritual lives. Each week, you’ll see one of these categories listed in the Leader Guide under the title, LOBL. This will serve as a reminder of the concept area on which that lesson will focus.

For a more detailed look at the Levels of Biblical Learning, check out this video.

We think you’ll find these helpful as you put together the road map for your ministry. We’re looking forward to making the trip with you!

Klista Storts serves as a Childhood Ministry Specialist. She is married to Gary and the mother of Brett and Blake… oh yea, and Mimi to her grand-daughter, Mia! Klista is passionate about laying foundations for conversion in the lives of preschoolers. Klista loves to ask the hard questions, so look out for her!

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