Let Hope In, Session 6: Intro Options for Singles Groups


To begin your discussion, play the following clip from the movie, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. If you don’t see the clip below, click here to watch on YouTube.

Context: Bilbo Baggins has been asked to leave his comfortable home to help a company of loud, obnoxious dwarves reclaim their lost home. He must accompany them on a dangerous quest as their “burglar”; without him, the mission will likely fail. Towards the end of the movie, it seems Bilbo has quietly slipped away, abandoning them and the mission.


  • The topic for today’s session is “Hope Shared.” What sometimes keeps us from sharing the hope we have as followers of Jesus?
  • Bilbo explained that he was reluctant to join the dwarves because he missed his home; but he was resolved to help them because they didn’t have a home at all. How does that relate to a Christ-follower sharing hope?
  • What is most profound about Bilbo’s answer when he articulated why he returned?
  • How has God positioned you to provide hope for others?

Substitute Question Idea for Question 2: Why are we sometimes insistent on knowing the motives of those in need before we offer help?

Substitute Question Idea for Question 3:  How do we offer eternal hope to someone who believes their need is only temporary?

We want to hear from you! In what ways did you group resolve to offer hope to their family, friends and coworkers?


emily jenningsEmily Jennings is a stay-at-home wife/mom. She teaches women’s Bible studies at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Cunningham, KY. Follow her at www.entiregospel.com and on Twitter @emilyejennings

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