Let Hope In, Session 6: Hope Shared

This week, as you prepare to discuss the hope that believers have in Christ, read THIS ARTICLE about getting your students to share their faith.  After, think about and answer the questions below. Remind your students that they have hope in Christ that nonbelievers don’t have. They cannot be selfish with this hope, but should share it. You’ll probably find that many students want to share their faith but don’t know how. Talk to them about this article. Discuss strategies that work, or don’t work. Continue to foster a sense of urgency in them. They have hope that can change their homes, their schools, their communities, and even the world.

What  ways would you add to encourage your students to share their faith? 

Think about people in your life that you need to share your hope with. Who are they? Consider sharing their names and your plan (or struggle) with your students.

Think about the John Wesley quote. Are you “on fire”? Do you have an urgency to share your hope? If not, pray that the Lord would ignite this in you and be willing to be honest with your students. 

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