Let Hope In, Session 6 (Hope Shared): Current Events Connection



To help emphasize the Point, “After finding hope in Christ, we must share it with others,” lead group members to call out what kinds of information they typically share on social media. Write down items as they are called out, such as photos, videos, status updates, quotes, news stories, etc. Review the list you’ve compiled, and press for details. What kinds of pictures do you share? What kinds of news stories or quotes do you pass on? Why?

Share the following graph with your class, from the article Most Popular Content Shared on Social Media (socialmediatoday.com)


  • Are people more likely to share good news or bad news?
  • Are you more likely to click on a link that will make you feel better or feel worse?
  • Are you more likely to click on a link sent to you by someone you know well or someone you don’t know well?
  • When you are browsing Facebook or Twitter, what are you looking for?

Lead group members to connect these observations about sharing on social media with what it means to share our hope in Christ with other people.

We want to hear from you! What current events can you use to help communicate the truths of this session? 

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