Let Hope In, Session 5: Hope Renewed

This week, you will discuss the hope Christ restores after failure. We’ve all been there. We’ve messed up, made a poor decision, and suffered with the consequences. It’s often a painful process, but Jesus restores us when we fail. Your students need to hear this truth. You’ll probably find that many of them feel like they’re constantly failing, that they don’t measure up, but you can speak truth over them and their “mess ups.”  Jesus renews and restores His followers even when they fail.  As  you discuss Peter’s story of restoration, consider reading THIS ARTICLE  by Chuck Swindoll and answering the following questions.

Think of a time of failure. Do you remember the feelings with it?

How did God’s grace show itself in the situation? 

How can you use your failure to strengthen your students?

Consider sharing your story with your students.

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