Let Hope In, Session 4 (Hope Expressed): Live It Out Option for Parents

Ben Gantert, 12, center, washes dishes near his father, Kurt Gantert, left, sister Amelie Gantert, 9, near right, and mother Gabrielle Toledano in San Francisco. The family assigns each child chores and makes sure to thank whoever cooks dinner. Laura Morton for The Wall Street Journal

As you bring this session to a close, lead parents to discuss how they can communicate the Point, “Gratitude is our response to the hope we have in Christ” to their children. Specifically, talk about how parents can teach their children to be grateful.

Share copies of this article from the Wall Street Journal with the parents in your group. You may print copies, or simply send them a link to this website (the online version also has some embedded audio and video that enhance the article.

Raising Children With an Attitude of Gratitude (Wall Street Journal Online, Dec 23, 2013) 

If you don’t have time to discuss the entire article, point out the tangible benefits of gratitude the article cites:

  • A 2008 study of 221 kids published in the Journal of School Psychology analyzed sixth- and seventh-graders assigned to list five things they were grateful for every day for two weeks. It found they had a better outlook on school and greater life satisfaction three weeks later, compared with kids assigned to list five hassles.
  • Another study examined 1,035 high-school students outside New York City. The study, published in 2010 in the Journal of Happiness Studies, found that those who showed high levels of gratitude, for instance thankfulness for the beauty of nature and strong appreciation of other people, reported having stronger GPAs, less depression and envy and a more positive outlook than less grateful teens.

Lead group members to discuss practical ways parents can teach gratitude to their children.

We want to hear from you! How will you communicate the truths of this session to the parents in your group? 


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