Leader Tips for Bible Studies for Life: Students


Being a leader can challenge you in so many ways. It helps to have someone who has been there before who can give you advice. With Bible Studies for Life: Students one of our goals was to provide several of these tips to make it easier for you to lead and to help encourage you to lead with your full potential. These tips aren’t just ideas that sound good on paper but come from tried and true practices of student ministers in the trenches. Here are several examples of what you will find in every leader guide.

  • If you get, “I don’t know” as a response to discussion questions, try to share your own answers and have students respond. Use this as a last resort as you always want students to maximize discussion if possible.
  • Be organized. Come to the session ready to lead. Work prep time into your schedule, even if it’s just looking over the session to know the direction your headed.
  • Allow students the opportunity to discover the answers on their own during the lesson. It’s easy to answer for them but allowing them to get there on their own will strengthen the learning process and help them own their faith.
  • Maximize the questions in each session. Ask them in a different way if students aren’t responsive.
  • Make the lesson applicable to your group of students. Know what is going on in their lives and emphasize the things that you feel are most important to help them grow and be challenged.
  • Work with your student leader or Pastor to ensure you are communicating the vision of the church to your group. Smaller groups are a perfect place to share important goals for the church as a whole. It also better connects students to the church family.

We can all learn from others and even the most basic reminder can help us along as we lead. Our hope is to encourage and help you lead students to see who they are in Christ and how that applies to their daily life.


  1. Christine Williams says:

    I am using Bible Studies for Life for the first time with a group of senior women. I like very much the lesson discussions that Chip Henderson gives for help in preparing to teach the lesson. I have on several occasions attempted to use the leader tools that are on the disc. Each time I click on leader tools I am instructed to insert the DVD. I am receiving no help from that part of leader helps.

    • James Jackson says:

      Hello Christine! Thanks for the good word on Chip’s discussion questions. For your question about the DVD Rom– most computers automatically open up the DVD player when a DVD is inserted. If you open Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac), you can click on the DVD folder and access the leader helps. Here is a blog post we did a couple of weeks ago that may help you. Blessings!

      Finding My Way around the Bible Studies For Life DVD Rom

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