Kids: Spring 2014: Unit 1: Session 6: Rest (April 6)

Grades 1–6: Working Hard Session 6 – Rest

 Scripture: Exodus 31

Grades 1–3

 Introductory Activity—Gather 7 Items

 •Make available miscellaneous small items from around the room.

Guide kids to get into pairs. Tell kids when you say “start” they should gather seven of something and put it together on the floor in the shape of a number “7” (examples: paper, blocks, toys, pencils, books). Call “stop” after a set amount of time. Guide kids to look around to all of the groups items. Gather the items back up. Tell kids to find a new partner and do the activity again. Repeat a few times. Mention today kids will learn something important about the number seven.

Live It Out—Make a Reminder

 •Gather paper, markers, hole punches, and yarn.

Ask kids to think about things their family does every day of the week (examples: work school, clean the house). Remind kids God designed for us to do those things six days a week. Mention the importance of taking a day to rest. Encourage kids to use the materials to make signs to hang around their house. The signs can serve as a reminder for their family to take a day of rest and worship. Challenge kids to draw pictures or write words that would remind their family of things that are ways to rest or worship God. Kids can also make signs to remind their family of things not to do on that day. Tell kids to hang the signs up throughout their homes. Encourage kids to talk with their families about ways they can rest and worship God.

Grades 4–6

 Introductory Activity—Play a Game

 •Provide a ball.

Have kids gather in a large circle. Guide kids to pass the ball randomly back and forth, counting as they go. The seventh child should sit down, they are then out. Keep the game going until there is only one child left. Mention today kids will learn that God had a special plan for the seventh day.

Live It Out—Play a Work/Rest Game

Guide kids to stand in a circle. Kids should one at a time count off from 1-6 (one number per child). The child who says “six” will then call out something for the group to do six times (examples: jumping jacks, pat their bellies, pretend to shovel, pretend to hammer). Once the group completes the six actions they should drop to the ground and lay down. Everyone should count to seven and then jump back up. Keep repeating the game giving all children the opportunity to call out an action. Remind kids God designed work to be for six days and the seventh day is to rest.


  1. Priscilla McGuire says:

    Children’s activity pages – it would be helpful if the answers were on the reverse side and not the same side. It’s too easy for them to just look at the answer and not work through the activities.

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