Kids: Spring 2014: Unit 1: Session 5: Build (March 30)

Grades 1–6: Working Hard Session 5 – Build

 Scripture: Exodus 39:32–40:38

 Grades 1–3

 Introductory Activity—Work Together

 •Gather two gift bags, two pieces of paper, and a marker.

•Write on one paper God wants people and on the second paper to work together to honor Him. Place one paper in each bag. Set each bag on opposite sides of the room. Note that if your group is small and together would not reach from one side of the room to the other, then place the bags only as far apart as the entire group linked together would reach.

 Ask for a volunteer. Tell the volunteer that you need them to stand in the middle of the room, stretch out their arms, and gather up both bags. When the child says it cannot be done, tell them they can choose one person to help them. The children will link arms together and then the two children together will try to reach the bags. Keep allowing kids to add one other child at a time and trying again. When the entire group has linked arms together, guide the kids on the end to grab the bags. Tell the group to walk in towards the center, arms still linked, making a circle. The two kids with the bags will then be side by side. Have kids pull out the papers, hold them up side by side, and help the group to read the statement. Mention kids did something together that they could not do alone. Today kids will learn God wants His people to work together to honor and serve Him.

Live It Out—Play a Game

•Gather straws (one per child), cotton swabs, tape, paper, and a marker.

•Draw a simple target on the paper. Write a point value in each target section. Hang the target on the wall or a chair. Make a line with tape about six feet away from the target.

Divide your group into multiple teams. When it is a team’s turn one player will stand at the tape line, slip a cotton swab into their straw, aim it towards the target, and blow. Whatever section the cotton swab hits is the point value their team will receive. Once kids hit the target they must quickly say a way to serve or honor God. Kids must answer in thirty seconds or less to receive points. Be sure all kids have an opportunity to answer. Remind kids God wants them to honor Him.

Grades 4–6

Introductory Activity—Unscramble Words

•Gather paper, marker, paper clips, and envelopes.

•Print the following words on paper and cut each letter apart individually: glorify, together, help, honor, serve, God. Mix the letters of each word up, paper clip each word together individually, and place the clipped words into an envelope.  Make multiple sets (number of sets depends on how many groups you will have).

Form kids into teams. Give each team and envelope and challenge them to unscramble the words. Once they have all of the words unscrambled each child on the team should jump up and shout “We did it together!” Talk about the words kids unscrambled. Mention today kids will learn that God wants people to work together to honor Him.

Live It Out—Make an Acrostic

•Provide paper and markers for kids.

Guide kids to write Honor God down the side of their papers. Ask kids to use each letter of the words to describe a way to honor God (example H: help a neighbor). Tell kids to write the ideas on their paper. Encourage kids to hang the paper somewhere at home where everyone can see it. Tell kids to use the paper as a reminder to talk to their families about ways they can work together to honor God. Guide kids to find a way each day to serve and honor God.



  1. Ardis Sutton says:

    I love the sessions on the Tabernacle! It is so wonderful to hear the children come in and remember, after a week, that people get to the holy place by the blood! The Tabernacle is such a great picture of the sacrifice, the priesthood and the person of our Lord Jesus! Thank you! Thank you! It is making a huge difference for the 4-6th graders! And me.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Ardis,

      I’m so glad that you liked the lessons. I am writing a special blog tomorrow about some teachers who really got into the Tabernacle sessions by making models, etc.

  2. Jeff Land says:

    Hi Bob,

    The videos are available here:

    Please send me your address, I will send you a free copy.

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