Kids: Spring 2014: Unit 1: Session 4: Invest (March 23)

Grades 1–6: Working Hard Session 4 – Invest

Scripture: Exodus 36:1–39:31

 Grades 1–3

 Introductory Activity—How Much Money?

•Provide one quarter for each child (or any other coin).

Guide kids to think of things they could buy with their one quarter.  Break kids into groups and ask groups to figure how much money they have all together now. Ask kids to think of things they could now buy with that money. Have groups share their ideas. Combine everyone together. Guide kids to add up how much money they now have in quarters. Challenge kids to think of things they can now buy because they have more money together. Mention God wants us to use our money wisely. When everyone gives to God He can do a lot with it. Even though it may only seem like you are giving a little, all together it adds up to be a lot! Explain today kids will hear about people who gave to God and it ended up being a lot!

 Live It Out—Spending Wisely

•Gather paper or plastic cups, a marker, and pennies.

Ask children to name things they can spend money on. Write each example on one of the cups. Once you have a good assortment of cups arrange them on the floor. Guide kids to stand back away from the cups about six feet. One at a time give kids a penny and guide them to toss the pennies into a cup (or to knock a cup down if cups are too light). Once a penny lands in a cup ask the child if that is an example of a wise way to spend money or not wise. Challenge kids to explain their answer. Remind kids God blesses people and He wants them to use their money wisely.

Grades 4–6

 Introductory Activity—How Will I Spend?

 •Gather envelopes. Write a simple way kids could spend money on each envelope (examples: ice cream cone, new video game, give to missions, tithe). Make some have lasting value and some not. Attach the envelopes to the wall, tables, or floor.

•Give each child 5 pennies.

Ask kids to walk around the room and read the envelopes. Guide kids to place their pennies in the envelopes where they would most like to spend their money. Once everyone is done, check the envelopes to see which one had the most pennies and which one had the least. Talk with kids about their choices. Ask why did they choose to spend their money on these things? Challenge kids to think about if their item would last or be used up quickly. Mention today kids will hear God wants people to use their money wisely.

Live It Out—Make a Banner

 •Gather supplies to make a banner, such as markers, large paper, sequins, glue and other materials.

•Provide a roll of clear packing tape to use to make a collection section on the banner.

•Decide ahead of time what special church event, offering, item, or project your class will collect money for. Also settle on the number of weeks you would like to collect the fund.

Lay the banner paper out across the floor or table. Show kids how to attach tape to itself (so it is no longer sticky) and then tape it down to one side of the banner. It should resemble a long skinny tube. Be sure to leave the top of the tape section open so coins can be dropped in. Invite kids to use the materials provided to decorate the banner. Tell kids this banner will hang in the room each week and will beautify the room. The banner will also serve as a place for kids to drop in their special offering. Through the tape kids will be able to see how much money is being collected. Remind kids God is good and blesses us with many things. God wants people to use their money wisely.


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