Kids: Spring 2014: Special Focus: Crucifixion and Resurrection (April 20)

Grades 1–6: Special Focus Session – Crucifixion and Resurrection

 Scripture: Matthew 26:36–28:10

Grades 1–3

 Introductory Activity—Play a Relay Game

 •Supply 10 balloons, 2 large spoons, small pieces of paper, and a marker.

•Write the individual letters for the word “Alive” on separate, small pieces of paper. Slip each of these into a balloon, blow the balloons up, and tie them off. Make two sets.

Form two teams. Give each team a set of balloons and a spoon. Guide teams to make line. Teams will need to place a balloon on a spoon and quickly pass it down the line. If the balloon falls, kids should pick it up, place it back on the spoon, and keep going. If you have a small group you may consider having kids start the balloon back at the beginning every time it falls. Once the balloon is at the end kids should pass the spoon back and begin again with the next balloon. Kids should continue until all of the balloons are passed. Once all balloons are at the other end, teams should quickly pop their balloons. Direct kids to gather all of the letters and unscramble the word. The first team to jump up and shout the word wins! Tell kids today they will hear people were surprised to discover someone special was alive!

Live It Out—Make a Folded Cross Verse

•Supply paper, scissors, and markers or colored pencils for each child.

•Make a few cross templates out of heavy paper for kids to trace. The cross template should be 8 inches long and 6 inches wide. Each section that will be folded will be a 2-by-2-inch square.

•Write the Life Verse on a large piece of paper and display it.

Invite kids to trace the cross templates onto their paper and cut them out. Show kids how to fold the cross into four sections down and three sections across. This way the cross can be folded up into a square. Direct kids to write a different part of the verse on each square section down. Kids can write the reference on the two remaining sections on the sides. Guide kids to flip the cross over and decorate the back side so when it is folded it just looks like a colorful square. Encourage kids to carry this with them wherever they go. Tell kids to show it to people and use it as a way to tell people that Jesus is alive!

Grades 4–6

Introductory Activity—Guess What’s in the Box

 •Wrap a box to make it look like a special gift. Be sure to wrap the lid separately.

Act excited and tell kids there is something very special about this gift. Ask kids if they would like to see inside. Explain kids will play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” in order to determine who can see what is inside. Guide kids to quickly find a partner and play. The winners of the round should find a new partner and everyone else sits down. Play enough rounds so that you only have a few children left standing. Excitedly invite those children up to see what is in the box. Tell them no matter what they see inside the box, they must smile and be super excited! They should not give away any information about what is so special about the box. Once kids see inside, encourage them to sit back down. Guide other kids to ask questions about what is inside. After a minute or two, open the box and show everyone what is inside. Ask kids if that is what they were expecting to see. Mention today kids will hear about a time some women found something they were not expecting to see either!

Live It Out—Make a Cross Plaque

 •Supply flat pieces of wood (one per child, 4-by-6-inch or larger), 12 long nails with a flat head (per child), wide ribbon (length will depend on size of wood), hammers, paper, scissors, glue (optional), and pen or marker.

•Use the paper to make a cross template. Cut the paper to be nearly the same size as the board. Fold the paper in half long ways and cut out the shape of a cross. The template should fill a large amount of the space on the board.

Direct kids to lay a template on the wood. Kids should then use a marker or pen to mark the inside and outside corners of the cross on their wood. Guide kids to carefully use the hammer to tap in each nail on a marked spot. The nails should not go all the way through the board. Encourage kids to try to keep the nails about the same height. Once all of the nails are in, kids will use ribbon to wrap around the outline. The ribbon should be wrapped around the outside of each nail on an outside corner and around the inside of the nail on an inside corner. Kids can then tie the end in a bow or glue the ends together. Encourage kids to display their picture at home. Tell kids the cross picture can be a reminder that God’s people live because He lives!


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