Keeping Track of Your Group’s Prayer Requests Just Got Easier!

There are lots of new great features in the Bible Studies For Life Personal Study Guide / Small Group Member Book,  but one that has received praise at sneak-peak events happens to be among my favorites.  The Personal Study Guide was intentionally designed with features that would make it, well, personal. One of those features is space at the end of every session for prayer requests and journaling.


I lead a Bible study group at my church, and every week my group members share prayer requests with one another at the end of our Bible study.  I quickly jot down the requests so  I can email them to the group later in the week as a reminder to keep praying for the things mentioned.  But too many times I can’t find the paper I wrote them on!  The church bulletin I used has mysteriously disappeared, or that scrap of paper I reached for (which seemed like a good idea at the time) has probably been mistaken for trash and it’s long gone.

But the new prayer requests  feature at the end of each session now means that I will never again lose my group’s prayer requests.  In fact, it means that over the course of a study, I will be able to guide my group to turn back a few pages and review what we’ve been praying for, and how God has been answering those prayers. I want to use this new feature to boost their confidence and awareness that God truly does answer prayer.

And it gets even better!  If you have chosen to download and use the iPhone app (just search for BSFL or Bible Studies For Life in the App store), there is a great feature built right into the app.  It will allow you to do two things:   (1) record prayer requests right there in the app and (2) email those directly from the app (it will launch your preferred email application).  Pretty great, huh?

prayer request screen cap

Just below the prayer section in the member book is a journaling feature.  People need to ponder how God is using the Bible study to transform their character and actions, and this new space will give every group member a place to truly make their book their book.   more leaving them laying around a classroom or a living room!

I am so excited for my group members to use the new Bible Studies For Life! It will make my job of leading the group to pray and keep track of answered prayer easier. I pray you’ll enjoy all of the great features in the new Personal Study Guide/small group member book. Maybe I should go and write that down!

Ken BraddyKen Braddy manages the men and women who created the new Bible Studies For Life. He has a blog for Bible study leaders at




  1. Love the new additions!! Would love them even more with an Android App :)) PLEASE.

  2. Kristal Leach says:

    I downloaded the Bible Studies for Life with the red lettering and I do not see anywhere for prayer request. Could you please help me?

    • James Jackson says:

      Hi Kristal! When you say “with the red lettering” do you mean the Bible Studies For Life logo? If so, then you are looking at the Student edition, and you are correct. There is not a place to record prayer requests. This blog post is talking specifically about the Bible Studies For Life Adult curriculum. Sorry for the confusion. If I’ve misunderstood you, though, and you are referring to something else, please clarify, and I’ll track down an answer for you.

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