Is MY Life Sacred?

senior adult

by Jeffrey Holder, Content Editor, Bible Studies for Life: Senior Adults

In the coming weeks of Bible Studies for Life, we are going to be asking, and hopefully, answering some tough questions. As I was looking toward the first session (“Is Every Life Sacred?”), I was contemplating the sacredness of human life and the value God places on each one of us. I recall loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord many years ago talking to me about their worries about being useless because they were in a long-term illness or weren’t able to be as independent as they used to be and didn’t “want to be a bother to anyone.”

I think about extended family members who need assistance on a regular basis, and I’m grateful for relatives who live close by who are able and willing to help. Especially I am grateful that they help even without waiting for help to be requested.

We, myself included, tend to measure our value to God and others on our performance. It’s at times like this I need to remind myself of God’s unconditional love. It’s difficult to believe these words sometimes, but they are true; He loves me … period. He loves each us … period. He loves and values us even when we get to the point in life when we are tempted to think we aren’t much use to anyone anymore. He values us even when we get to the point of relying on others a lot more than we can rely on ourselves.

There it is again: We value ourselves based on how much use we are to our spouses, our children, or our church. How glad we should be that God values us with no strings attached. If we could only think more about the way He loves and values us more than the way we are used to being loved and valued by people who place conditions on how much they value us.

I’m convicted at times by my failure to be aware of those around me who are valuable to God but, by my actions, don’t seem very valuable to me. Perhaps you fit into the same category. Our friends who gradually disappear from our Bible study groups or our churches can be easy to forget. Might they need our help? Perhaps they are thinking I don’t want to be a bother. Many of us hesitate to ask for help when we need it, me too.

I need to be more proactive in showing people their value to me, unconditionally. God values them, and so should I—so should we all who claim Christ as Lord.

Let’s pray this month for those who feel forgotten, who feel useless, who are vulnerable and weak—those who need God’s people to be Jesus to them, whether it’s the unborn, unwed mothers, the poor, or older folks who “don’t want to be a bother.” Talk to your friends. Discover some ways together you can help protect and minister to those whom society has made feel worthless. Maybe it might mean allowing someone to be Jesus to you.


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