Intros That Engage Students


When it comes to creating an experience, Bible Studies for Life: Students is very intentional about helping leaders engage students. Each week, three Engage Options are presented for the leader to use if he or she chooses. The first option in each session is called, Lead with Action, and gives students a hands-on experience that prepares them for the session. The second Engage Option is Lead with Atmosphere, creating an environment that engages students before the session even begins. The third option is Lead with Media, providing a song, video idea, or another creative element to help leaders create an unforgettable experience.

One of the key ways Bible Studies for Life: Students will help deliver on the Engage Options is to provide a new addition to the Leader Pack. In addition to the posters, helps, and PowerPoint templates, each session will have a high quality video introduction. Each video intro will:

  • Connect the students with the topic in a creative way
  • Help visual learners more easily engage with the session
  • Run from 30-90 seconds in length
  • Equip leaders with an easy and effective lead-in illustration
  • Be available in both the digital and print Leader Packs (Leader Packs are available for $19.99 per quarter)


Leaders may choose to use the intro video as a transition between large group and small group time, a session launching point for the start of the group, or even as an illustration at any point during the session. No matter how you use them, Bible Studies for Life: Students intro videos will be an effective tool to help student ministries connect students with the session.

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