In Action: Teaching About the Tabernacle

land-1024x1017 Most of you will have just finished the third session on the tabernacle. Since I have been at LifeWay we have had quite a few requests for a full unit on the tabernacle. We didn’t have a full unit, but we did have three full sessions. While everyone didn’t like so many sessions on the same story (with different focal topics), there were many who did.

On Facebook the other day I saw that my friend, Candy Macon, was really enjoying her tabernacle unit. Together with the leaders in her third and fourth grade class, they turned their room into a replica of the Tabernacle. She was kind enough to secure permission from the kids’ parents to use the photos so that I could share with you. Check out some of these pics.


022The kids and teachers prepared all of the items for the tabernacle just as the skilled workers, Bezalel and Oholiab, did!

010Another teacher brought a loom where the kids used colorful yarn to simulate making the priests’ clothes.



The golden lampstand, the altar, and the ark of the covenant were created.

013I love the simulated fire in the altar. I’m sure the kids did as well.

057The priests were careful to move the table with care.

I love the experience that these kids had in their Sunday School class. They will forever remember their time studying about the tabernacle and all of the hard work that went into building it. They also learned about the reverence for God’s rules and how important it was to follow the directions.

My mother-in-law started teaching preschoolers at her church this year. She went online and discovered plans for making a replica of the tabernacle. She worked hard to create a tabernacle that her preschoolers could look at and learn about.


The kids learned about each of the different parts of the tabernacle. The kids even learned about how their was smoke from the altar (she used purple cellophane).


She taught the kids how the workers carefully made each of the golden items.

photo 2


I really love stories about how teachers make their sessions come alive for the kids. Send us some of the ideas and techniques that you have used. We always love seeing how kids are connecting with the Bible stories that you are teaching.





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