If You Used Life Focus…


If you used Life Focus…

In launching Bible Studies for Life: Students we took a long look at Life Focus and determined to use what was good and improve everything else. We made several tweaks as well as streamlining some areas of the line. We did all of this to better serve the church and your student ministry. If you were a Life Focus user we want to ensure that you understand some of the updates and how they will work for you.

  • From three points to one point. Rather than having three points each session, we have focused each week on one key point. We teach that one point by walking students through three sections of scripture in each session. So instead of going through three points you will focus in on three passages of scripture that will drive home the single point for students.
  • From providing a small snapshot of what is in the student material to giving leader guides everything the students have. We wanted to make sure leaders didn’t have to have a copy of the personal study guide if they didn’t want to. Now leaders have access to everything the students do, right in the leader guide. All of that content is distinguished by a grey bar to the left of it so it will be easy for leaders to know what students are seeing and how best to lead them through it.
  • From dated to flexible use. Rather than prescribe a date for you to use the material, we left the dates out so you can customize when you use it. Some groups don’t meet on Sundays, others have periods when they want to do other material and the dates can become a source of confusion. By leaving them off, you and your ministry can decide when you want to start the material and work through it from there. (Coming in Spring 2014 we will add a line for you to have leaders write dates in the book to coincide with your ministry plans as a help for you).

In addition to these improvements, we have also added several things. A few key elements we added are:

  1. Live It Out options for students. Each week students will be provided with two ways they can put what they learned into practice. Less a devotional, more a step of action, the Live It Out options will be a great way to encourage and equip your students.
  2. One Conversation. Each session we provide you with a sheet you can send your parents that will help them have a spiritual conversation with their child. This is a powerful way to help equip parents as the primary discipler of their student.
  3. Engage Options. Each week we provide the leader with three ways to kick off each session that will help create an unforgettable experience. These options range from video suggestions to creative activities and everything in between.

We are so excited about all that Bible Studies for Life: Students has to offer your ministry and our prayer is that you are equipped to do all that God has called you to do as you make disciples in your community.

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