How to close the “Revolving Door” to Your Worship Services

“Success is not getting people to sit in a pew every week, but getting them connected into the community of the church.”

—Pete Wilson, Cross Point Church, Nashville, TN

Fact: Pastors get excited when their sanctuaries are full to hear them preach.

Fact: Pastors may or may not notice when the sanctuary is full, but with different people every week.

What many church leaders don’t realize is that the most relevant marker for a healthy church is not a packed worship service. In his book High Expectations, Thom Rainer reported the findings of research that tracked new Christians for five years. Among those who attended only worship, fewer than twenty per cent were still active five years later. However, among those who attended both worship and a small group, more than eighty per cent were still active five years later!

In order for a church to maintain long-term health, they have to find a way to close the revolving door to their worship services. They need to find a way to move regular attenders from the pew to the circle. In other words, get them connected in small groups.

The new Bible Studies For Life makes three promises to church leaders. The first is that it is a small group Bible study designed to Connect the Unconnected. This Wednesday, May 8, join us for a free webcast from 12:00-12:30 Central time. You will hear from influential church leaders Pete Wilson, Ron Edmondson, Ronnie Floyd, and Eric Geiger who are helping to shape the Bible Studies For Life curriculum. Tune in as they share about how this exciting small group resource will help churches connect the unconnected, and close that revolving door.

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