Honest to God, Session 6: Current Events Connection

To help discuss the session topic, “Why Does God Allow People to Suffer?” share this article from Baptist Press (You may print copies of article for members of your group.)

Warren forgives seller of gun in son’s suicide, posts string of reflections on Twitter

Explain that Rick Warren is the well-known pastor of Saddleback Church, and that his son committed suicide last April after a lifetime of dealing with depression.

Ask: When you hear stories of well-known Christian personalities experiencing personal tragedy, what questions come to mind for you?

What do you hear in Warren’s response?

We want to hear from you! What current events are you using to help communicate the point of this session? 



  1. John Flomer says:

    I just waned to say I really like using media in class with my College and Career SS class, and I really appreciate you providing all these great suggestions for media!! I really helps our class! Thanks and God bless!

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