Honest to God Session 2: Free Student Devotion


This is the free Student devotional for Honest to God 2: How Can I Be Sure God Exists?

Made New

Take a moment to be quiet. Ask God to speak powerfully to you about who you are in Him and your standing before Him.

Yesterday, we studied God’s crowning creation: human life. God declared it very good. But something was broken in Genesis 3. Review that chapter and record what happened below.

The cost of sin was separation from God. God could have left us that way, but He didn’t. He has the power to make all things new. So, how did God bring us back to Himself? Read John 1:10-14 in your Bible.

But to all who did receive Him, He gave them the right to be children of God, to those who believe in His name. —John 1:12

• How are we made new?


• What does it mean to receive Christ?


• What does it mean to believe in His name?

Believing Christ is more than just believing He existed or knowing about Him. It means repenting of your sins and trusting Jesus’ finished work on the cross for your salvation.


The Point
Sin separated us from God. Christ’s death and resurrection makes it possible for us to be made new and be reconciled to God when we repent and believe.


Consider: Are you a member of God’s family? Based on what? If you have not received Christ, you can do so now. Repent of your sins and place your trust in Him. (See the plan of salvation on page 2.)

For further study:

• Read and study Romans 5.

• Listen to Andrew Peterson’s song “All Things New” on Resurrection Letters, Volume II.


Behind the Story

Over 90 percent of John’s Gospel is different than the other three Gospels. The additional material focuses on two main things: the deity of Christ and its significance, and the proper response to Him. How does the passage you studied today reflect both?


Memory Verse

Try to recite John 1:12-13 or write it from memory. Then, use it as your Facebook status or in a tweet to encourage others.


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