Honest to God, Session 1: Live it Out Option for Women

To close your Bible study time, play the following clip (note: this is a fairly long clip– over 8 minutes, so budget your time accordingly. If you don’t see the video below, click on this link to go to the video:  http://fervr.net/videos/the-story-of-ian-and-larissa


• How does Larissa’s decision to marry Ian place great value on human life?
• In what ways might some be critical of their decision to marry?
• What of Christ is reflected in this marriage?

Substitute Question Idea for Question 3:

  • How does the fact that life begins at conception inform our discussions about abortion, in vitro and miscarriage? (note: I included in vitro and miscarriage in the question because these topics are just as vital in the discussion about valuing life (uniquely so to women).

Substitute Question Idea for Question 5:

  • Why is it hard to believe those with disabilities are fearfully and wonderfully made?

We want to hear from you! How have the women in your group learned to place even deeper value on life as Scripture defines it?

emily jenningsEmily Jennings is a stay-at-home wife/mom. She teaches women’s Bible studies at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Cunningham, KY. Follow her at www.entiregospel.com and on Twitter @emilyejennings


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